British Virgin Islands police are investigating a missing woman



Police continue to investigate missing cases Therm Hesslop After disappearing in the British Virgin Islands in March.

I’m 41 years old Southampton, Was on a long vacation with her American boyfriend, Ryan Bain, when she went missing.

The last time she was seen having dinner with Mr. Bain in St. John was a few hours before she disappeared when he woke up on a luxury yacht shared by Mr. Bain at 2 am. It was that.

Local police officers have since interviewed Mr. Bain, who reportedly refused to search the boat by the Coast Guard and was asked to cooperate fully with the investigation.

Toby Delima of the U.S. Virgin Islands Police said, “I want my boyfriend to cooperate with the police. We would like to ask him some questions. He so that we can talk to him. I need your help and I need him to come forward. “

This happened after the body of a woman was found on the nearby Caribbean island of St. Croix, and police confirmed that it was not Mr. Heslop’s.

Virgin Islands police said the body was “not white and that the body belonged to Mr. Heslop.”

Mr. Bain reported that his partner had disappeared around 2:30 am on March 8, but did not notify the Coast Guard until noon.

Coast Guard officials said he found him drunk and uncooperative when he visited his boat during search and rescue operations that afternoon. He refused to answer the question and physically prevented them from finding their boat.

FBI agents from the United States are joining the local police to find out what happened to Mr. Heslop. She lived with Mr. Bain on the catamaran Siren Song and was a chef and hostess on a charter cruise for individual customers.

Detectives say it’s unclear if Heslop has returned to the boat after he was last seen eating dinner. CCTV footage from many locations has been investigated, but so far there is no evidence of her.

When Mr. Heslop went missing, his bank card and Mr. Heslop’s cell phone were still on the siren song.

“I’m anxious to find her,” Bain said, and lawyer David Catty said, “Ryan’s only hope is that Therm will be found safely.”

He added: Ryan is overwhelmed by the lack of Therm. “

Ms. Heslop’s friends offered up to £ 10,000 incentives for information and Missing Therm Hesslop Facebook Page Share information about her disappearance.

They posted last week: “It’s been 11 weeks since Sarm Heslop left. We’re still asking for news, asking questions, trying to keep Sarm in people’s minds, but we can share it. The lack of information is very frustrating. “

Asked the Virgin Islands police for comment.

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