British women’s rights activist on bail for “humans never change sex” poster

In late January, women’s rights activist and disability activist Jennifer Swain, 53, went to her mobility scooter with stickers and posters critical of transidealism around Newport, South Wales. rice field. After receiving her six complaints, police stopped her and she was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and displayed threatening or abusive text that could cause harassment, vigilance, and distress.

Vicky Townsend told The Epoch Times that police received several reports of posters containing offensive material that appeared in Newport between October and January. Police officers on patrol in Newport also saw a woman spraying stickers on two streetlight posts.

A 53-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and displayed threatening or abusive text that could cause harassment, vigilance, and distress. She was released on conditional bail after being detained for 12 hours.

“We can’t see the content of the sticker because it’s an active survey, but the content of the sticker is aimed at the transgender community,” says Townsend.

Police told the Epoch Times that they had issued a public security message aimed at informing the public of the dangers of removing the poster after the glass and pins were affixed to the back of the poster.

However, Swain denied sticking a sharp object behind the sticker. Times “If I used only one arm,” he said it was impossible.

“Female = adult female”

According to Swain, homemade posters include “The wrong body never gives birth to a child, humans never change gender,” “Respect for women’s space,” and “Women = adult human women.” Contains the phrase.

She also told the publication that she was not transphobia. “She has never made a sticker with the word trance, which is about a woman at risk,” she said.

Police confirmed that Swain’s house had been searched. Police confiscated stickers, posters, and copies of Transgender Children and Young People: Born in Your Own Body by Dr. Heather Brunskel-Evans and Professor Michele Moore.

The book concludes that the medical and social tendencies of transgender children are “liberal and non-progressive, politically reactionary, physically and psychologically dangerous, and abusive.” increase.

Gent police said it may not always be practical for police officers to make detailed assessments, such as reading a book, during an investigation.

“The officers involved in the search will consider whether the item present at the address may contain information related to the alleged crime consignment. Includes evidence of the alleged crime. Items that are found to be confiscated will be discontinued and returned to the individual as soon as possible. “

Fair cop

The organization, Faircop, was founded by former police officer Harry Miller in response to the overkill of various police “Big Brothers.”

In December, Miller succeeded in legally challenging national policy, which would have seen police record gender-critical views as non-criminal “hate cases.” We continue to undertake cases from those who believe they have been criminalized for expressing their views that do not violate the law.

“Gent police detained the stickered woman and seized scholarly books for evidence of hatred. These are Stasi’s tactics. The chief police officer must dismiss all parties and resign.” Harry Miller, a fair police officer, told the era.

Regarding the Swain case, Toby Young, editor of Daily Skeptic and general secretary of the Freedom of Speech Union, which was established in the United Kingdom to support free speech, said: 1984 is a dystopian novel, not a police manual. “

Promotes inclusion and cohesion

In 2020, Nguyen Police released a joint strategic equality plan report from 2020 to 2024, “to enable people with protected traits to be identified and our work to promote inclusion and cohesion.” I confirmed that.Last October report Transphobia hate crimes were reported 598 in 2014-15 and 2,588 in 2020-21, an increase of 332 percent in the UK.

However, the 2021 report by the Legal Commission Release In December, those expressing a gender-critical view defined as “the belief that gender is dual and immutable and one cannot change gender” are under the new “freedom of expression” clause. He said it should be protected.

But women’s rights activist Posie Parker (Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull) told The Epoch Times that “we are in the” unreality “, a real episode of humanity in the West.”

“I think the police have to make these big mistakes. Before everyone understands what’s going on, they have to reveal their hands. That’s what they do. That’s what … police are getting worse and we know about crimes such as violence against women that they routinely ignore. “

She said everything was biased towards “men who say they were females” and “worse than the old misogyny.”

Owen Evans