Britney Griner’s imprisonment in Russia was worse than she imagined, new details about her detention emerge

Britney Griner.

Britney Griner in a Russian jail cell.Evgenia Novozenina/Pool/Reuters

  • A new report has revealed that Britney Griner is facing extremely harsh conditions in a Russian prison.

  • From not showering often to regular headaches, Griner suffers as his detention drags on.

  • “She wasn’t in as good a condition as I’ve found at times,” her attorney said. new york times.

Britney Griner is tormenting in a Russian prison.

The eight-time WNBA All-Star faces particularly harsh and inhumane conditions in the Russian penal colony where she is staying. unjustly detained He was sentenced to eight months in prison for drug smuggling, a new report reveals.

a recent new york times The story, which includes comments from one of Griner’s Russian lawyers, details how much adversity the 31-year-old basketball superstar has endured since he was first arrested at a Moscow airport in February. .

Britney Griner enters court to testify during a drug smuggling trial in Russia.

Griner enters court to testify during a trial in Russia for drug smuggling.Reuters/Evgenia Novozhenina/Pool

Griner shares a small cell with two other individuals. Both spoke English and were charged with drug-related offenses. At first, she was expected to sleep in a bed that was too small for her 6-foot-9 frame. But in April, visiting journalist Ekaterina Kalugina told Russia’s prison oversight board that Americans needed bigger beds.

Still, there are other annoyances that Griner faces on a daily basis. She and other incarcerated women are only allowed to shower twice a week, Kalugina told The Times. He revealed that he was experiencing severe pain, especially headaches.

Attorney Aleksandr Boykov explained that the penal colony where Griner is currently held is in disrepair, and said the temperature inside fluctuates greatly depending on the weather. The Phoenix Mercury great is only allowed outside for one hour each day, during which she roams around a “little courtyard,” he said.

Britney Griner.

Greiner.Alexander Zemlyanichenko, Poole/AP Photo

All of this is starting to take a toll on the basketball star’s emotional well-being. A recent interview with CBS MorningGriner’s wife, Sherrell, elaborated on the “disturbing phone call” they shared, expressing concern that Griner may not have the mental strength to forge.

Boykov also noticed a change in clients.

“She wasn’t in as good a shape as I could find sometimes,” he told The Times.

Britney Griner.

Greiner.AP Photo/Alexander Zemlyanichenko

Griner and her legal team appealed the 9-year sentence She was handed over in early August. Her next hearing is scheduled for her Oct. 25, and Griner could spend time in a larger hearing if the court upholds the original decision. Russia’s notorious penal colonies.

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