Britney Spears shares more topless content in battery claims

Britney Spears I’m back.

On Thursday, a 39-year-old pop star took him to Instagram Continue her tendency to share topless photos And in the video Allegations that she abused an employee..

In her first post, the star shared a photo wearing only herself Bright red boots, White bikini bottom and dazzling necklace. She covered her chest with her hands and looked up to see a large red rose.

In the caption, she shared a quote from the Hollywood icon Sophia Loren..

Britney Spears denied allegations that she attacked housekeepers during the “cell phone” case

“There is a fountain of youth. It is your spirit, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life, and the lives of those you love.” She said.. “When you learned to use this source, you really beat your age.”

Only a few minutes later, she shared her short video in the same outfit, showing her skin and pretending to be hers.

This time the caption is quite long.

“I’ll let all my favorite fashion designers know right away and make sure I’m wearing HEAD TO TOE clothes !!!!” she started. “Thinking about the spread of covids isn’t too threatening … we are now hard-working civilized people, and for the most part we can safely do our mundane ways !!!!! “

The two mothers then spoke directly to fans with children.

Former Britney Spears fiancé Jason Trawick denies that they were secretly married and divorced

“Parents … did your child start school?” Yari asked. “Healthy snacks have proven to be good for your child’s health and mental awareness, so be sure to pack a great lunch and watch out for your child’s snacks !!!! I know. .. I know … it’s useless information for some of you, but you never know !!! “

“Toxic” singer Conclusion: “GOD BLESS MURICA !!!!”

The third and last post came a few minutes later. The black-and-white photographs featured a girl in a crown and a confused look when the bird was turned over at the camera.

“She feels like she’s completely clarified her claim !!!” Spear I wrote in the caption..

Posts occur when Spears are faced with allegations that they have attacked one of their employees. This allegation is currently under investigation. In a statement to Fox News, the singer’s lawyer said the charges had no merit.

“This is just a sensational tabloid feed. There is a suspicion of a misdemeanor that” he said “about mobile phones. Not impressive And obviously there are no injuries, “the memo says. “Anyone can accuse me. This should have been closed soon,” he said.

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Last week, Spears’ father, Jamey P. Spears, I agreed Resign as her property guardian Fox News confirmed that the appropriate plans were implemented.

The two have been trapped in a court battle over the past few years as the singer works to regain control of her life. Jamie has managed Spears’ protection since 2009, following a series of involuntary psychiatric holds for pop stars.