Briton asks for help after mother and sister are left behind in Afghanistan


A British man who fled Afghanistan with his pregnant wife sought help after British authorities took her mother and sister away from the evacuation flight.

Mohammad, who changed his name to protect his family, arrived in the Kabul complex last week for an evacuation flight with his wife, elderly mother and sister, who are due to give birth early next year.

A 24-year-old taxi driver from London said his mother in her 70s had persuaded her not to go with her daughter after being denied access by British authorities.

He had British citizenship and his wife was granted access to him, but his mother and sister had an Afghan passport and ID card.

“They cried, I was crying … I was trying to refuse to come [to the UK] When I looked up, my mother said, “At least you can go,” he told PA news agency.

“can not [describe] Feelings … I’m very confused and life is stressful.

“I’m afraid of their lives and haven’t slept for days.”

Mohammad said his mother and sister are alone in the country and “no one supports them to take care of them,” forcing a sister in her twenties to marry a Taliban member. He added that he was afraid of that.

He added that the British authorities in Kabul said they could demand their reconciliation when they returned to the UK.

In a letter to British government officials shared with the PA, Mohammad said:

“I ask the government to allow them to move away from Afghanistan because their lives are at stake and there is no bright future for them.

“Our only hope is to find a haven for them here in the UK … I work full time, have a home and can meet all their daily needs. “

Four months ago, the British returned to Afghanistan, a country that fled as a 14-year-old refugee 10 years ago, and helped his wife’s English exam after a failed application for British nationality in September 2020.

“Why I left the country [the Taliban] … I lost a member of my family because of my family in the past, “he added.

He was afraid that he would not be able to take his wife out of the country without a British passport, but both arrived in the UK last Friday after being evacuated by British authorities.

Afghanistan is on the British Coronavirus Red List, so the couple are currently quarantining at the hotel and will be there until next Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said:

“The scale of evacuation activities is very large and has helped more than 10,200 people leave Afghanistan since August 13.”

Government agencies call +44 (0) 2475 389980 for vulnerable Afghans seeking resettlement

By Edd Dracott