Brotherhood order of the managing director of the police

Jim Pasco, Executive Director of the National Fraternal Order of Police, participates in the Yahoo News Skullduggery podcast to discuss the challenges facing law enforcement members and the communities they serve. In an interview, Pasco recalled the January 6 parliamentary riots and told Yahoo News that the improper leadership of parliamentary police was the main reason police officers were poorly prepared and equipped for the violence of the day. He said he believed that.

Video transcript

Daniel Clademan: Jim, I wanted to look on January 6th. It was as much an assault on the police as it was as an assault on Congress.


Daniel Clademan: About 150 police officers were injured. Some of them were really badly injured. Not all 21 members of the Republican caucuses voted to give gold medals to police officers who made many sacrifices that day. How is your reaction to it?

JIM PASCO: I was sad. Those officers there were betrayed at many levels. First, they were betrayed by their leadership that day because they were not ready and were sent there without knowing their level of power. And they weren’t ready for the equipment they went out and the strategies they adopted to deal with the overwhelming and completely hostile forces that deal with them.

Michael Ishikov: What do you mean when you say they are betrayed by their leadership?

JIM PASCO: I’m talking about leadership within the department for the day. He had better information about what was going to happen or was likely to happen than what was previously reported to the ranks and submitted on the line.

Michael Ishikov: The Republican story about this, at least in the House of Representatives, was that it was in Pelosi and could and should have been instructed to convene National Guard and take greater steps to protect officers. As far as you are concerned, is it credible?

JIM PASCO: I have a fairly fair knowledge of how the Capitol Police work and how it works. And I don’t think the decision went beyond the Capitol Police Board.

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