Browns backup QB Brissett moves to Watson’s starting spot

CLEVELAND (AP) — Jacoby Brissett jumped ahead of DeShawn Watson on Cleveland’s depth chart. maybe for a while.

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski said Brissett will be the majority of the snap in Cleveland’s first-team offense starting Sunday. Watson pending suspension For violating the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy regarding allegations of sexual misconduct.

Watson, who debuted with the Browns He was the number one quarterback throughout training camp by starting Friday’s exhibition win over Jacksonville.

However, he will miss at least the first six games of the regular season, and may miss many more.

Stefanski mentioned Cleveland’s four QBs on Zoom, saying, “From the beginning, at some point Jacoby got the majority, continued to work with DeSean, continued to work with Josh Dobbs, continued to work with Josh Rosen. The plan was to continue with.” Phone with reporters.

Watson’s situation remains fluid.

His six-game suspension, handed down by independent arbitrator Sue L. Robinson, was appealed by the NFL and decided by former New Jersey Attorney General Peter C. Harvey, who was appointed by Commissioner Roger Goodell. increase.

Harvey’s ruling could be handed down at any time, and it’s still possible Watson and the League agree to a settlement.

A person familiar with Watson’s defense told The AP on Thursday that the three-time professional bowler will accept an eight-game suspension and a $5 million fine. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because of the confidentiality of the case.

Before Friday’s game, for the first time in nearly 600 days, Watson had 20 women file a lawsuit against him, alleging sexual harassment and assault during a massage therapy session when he was playing in Houston. For the first time, I apologized for causing this.

“I am so sorry to all the women I have affected,” Watson said.

In his sentencing, Robinson noted that Watson’s lack of remorse played a factor in the decision to suspend him.

Stefanski said the apology was a good step for Watson.

“I think DeShawn is all about being the best version of himself,” Stefanski said. “Of course when he’s in this building, it’s the same off the field and on the field, but I think he wants to learn and grow as a person. That’s what matters.”

Meanwhile, the Browns need to gear up for the season.

Brissett signed with the Browns in March. The Browns saw him as the perfect plug-in during Watson’s absence, including 2019 when Brissett, 29, became the starter for Indianapolis following Andrew Luck’s spectacular retirement. , made 37 career starts and was thrown into a unique situation.

The Browns didn’t put Brissett against the Jaguars to avoid risking injury and get Watson back in the game. Now, it’s time for Brissett to spend more time with the Cleveland starter.

Stefanski is happy with the team’s plans so far.

“Jacoby has gotten a lot of reps so far. “Even the way we structure routes and airways and individual periods, he’s got a lot of reps unquoted and unquoted.” Did.

“He continues the same process and makes sure he’s running the show when he’s there. I think it is also a natural progression of

The Browns will practice twice this week with the Philadelphia Eagles and host their first home exhibition next Sunday.


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