Browns Mayfield tore the labrum on his left shoulder

Beria, Ohio (AP) —Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is playing with a torn lip on his left shoulder that doesn’t require surgery at this time, an injured person told The Associated Press Thursday.

Mayfield will continue to play unless the shoulder injury he does not throw worsens, said a person who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the situation.

Mayfield hurt his shoulder during the tackle after throwing an intercept in Houston on September 21st. He led the NFL in completion after two games (81.6%), but dropped to 65.5%.

Last week, Mayfield beat Minnesota to complete 15 of the 33 passes. On Wednesday, he revealed that he was wearing a harness on his shoulder, adding that he should not be bothered by his ability to pass.

The NFL Network was the first to report the severity of Mayfield’s injury.

Browns does not list Mayfield in his recent injury reports because Mayfield is not really restricted.

Cleveland will visit the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.


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