Bruce Springsteen man convicted of shooting and detaining his ex-girlfriend in 2016

A jury in Jackson County on Friday found a Blue Springs man convicted of serious domestic violence and other criminal charges after being accused of detaining and shooting his ex-girlfriend in October 2016. Did.

Jose F. Hernandez, 40, was convicted of a single domestic violence, an armed criminal procedure, violent detention, and minor charges of domestic violence. Jackson County Public Prosecutor’s Office announced on Friday.. The prosecution said the sentencing trial would take place at a later date.

October 2016, Police found a woman raising a ball with a rope-tied wrist Located on the driveway of the house at 2800 blocks on South East Six Street. She was able to call 911. According to court records, Telled the dispatcher that she was going to be shot and die.

She identified her archer as “Jose,” court records said. The public prosecutor’s office later identified Hernandez as her ex-boyfriend.

Police received emergency calls from several witnesses who reported hearing as many as six gunshots. They also heard women screaming for help.

A man, later identified by authorities as Hernandez, was seen leaving the house, boarding a red car and leaving the scene. According to court records, the investigator later found blood and rope in his room.