Bryan Cranston hits the ball and leaves the All-Star Celebrity softball game


Bryan Cranston spent a “breaking bad” day at the stadium.

Emmy winners were hit by the ball and later Exit from All-Star Celebrity Softball Game July 16th at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

Cranston, sports Big and sloppy beardAnthony Ramos, who won the Grammy Award during batting practice, struck a line drive and plunged into his right shoulder. Associated Press reported.. Cranston and Ramos were placed in adjacent cages when the actor was beaten, urging him to bend down in pain.

Bryan Cranston (MLB photo via Mary Decicco / Getty Images)

Bryan Cranston (MLB photo via Mary Decicco / Getty Images)

“It will definitely be a bruise,” Clanston later said. According to AP.. “I may be a cheerleader in this game.”

Instead, Clanston chose to play and was thrown out of the game after claiming a called third strike. He kicked the soil to the referee before JK Simmons pushed him away.

“You are stealing the game — you are stealing the game from us,” Clanston could hear telling the referee.

Bryan Cranston (Jerrit Clark / Getty Images)

Bryan Cranston (Jerrit Clark / Getty Images)

Then he threw a bucket of gum at the umpire, spurred the umpire and kicked him out.

The softball game ended with Jojo Siwa’s Los Angeles team falling to Brooklyn 15-13. I put a belt inside the home run in the park LA’s Rob Lowe, Chloe Kim, Bad Bunny, Joel McHale and Simu Liu were among the other stars who played in the game.

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be held on Tuesday at Dodger Stadium. MLB Network Broadcast a celebrity game Monday 7:30 pm PT