BTS condemns anti-Asian racism and says they have experienced it

Seoul, South Korea (AP) — K-pop superstar group BTS has accused them of experiencing racial discrimination between Asians, Asian Americans and Pacific Islands.

“We oppose racism,” BTS said. Tweet Tuesday in English and Korean. The band said their own painful encounters with racism included “abuse” and “ridiculed by the road” they saw.

BTS issued a statement after a recent attack on people with US Asian heritage that increased during the coronavirus pandemic. At a massage company in the Atlanta area, white shooters recently killed eight people, including six Asian women.

“The pain of being the subject of hatred and violence cannot be expressed in words,” the band said in a statement, adding that their experience made them feel helpless and stripped of their self-esteem. February, German radio station I drew anger When the host compares the band to the coronavirus.

The band says that the discrimination they endured is “insignificant” compared to “what happened in the last few weeks”, but “what’s happening now separates us from our identity as Asians.” I can’t do that, “he said. The band said.

Many Asian Americans believe that shooting in Atlanta was racially motivated. Police say they are still trying to determine their motivation.

Prominent Asian stars such as Stephen Yun, Simon Liu and Sandra Oh have spoken out about spreading awareness of anti-Asian violence. “I’m proud to be Asian! I shouted at the megaphone at the Stop Asian Hate Rally in Pittsburgh last week.

BTS is one of the first Korean bands to openly condemn anti-Asian racism. K-POP bands are known to pay attention to maintaining the personas created by the label. Personas often persuade stars on awkward themes such as race and mental health.

BTS has been tackling racism and violence. In 2020, the band donated $ 1 million to the Black Lives Matter movement. match According to “One In An ARMY”, a global funding team made up of BTS fans will be by fans within a day.

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