Buffalo Bills, who will play against the Super Bowl, cut squats from training during the season. The trainer says he may explain why he is the least injured team in the playoffs.

Buffalo Bills

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  • Buffalo Bills was the least injured and in the best condition of the NFL playoffs.

  • One Bills player said he and his teammates wouldn’t squat during the football season.

  • Two football trainers say avoiding squats during the season may be the reason for their success.

Buffalo Bills is campaigning for the title of the first Super Bowl in the NFL Playoffs, and its health and conditioning sets it apart from the rest of the league. Avoiding one common exercise in the training room may be a major reason.

Bills rookie Gregory Rousseau He told insiders that he was crouching £ 405 every Wednesday after his college match at the University of Miami. But he hasn’t crouched at all during the football season since he came to Buffalo as a first-year pro. Instead, we do power cleans, deadlifts, hang cleans, and bench presses as strength training routines during the season. They leave squats in the off-season, Rousseau said.

“In college, everyone crouches no matter what, but in the NFL things are directed at your body,” Rousseau told insiders. “Some people do NFL squats, but they choose what they think is right for you and what makes the most of you and your body.”

That’s exactly what personal trainer and former NFL player John Madsen advises the team, he told insiders. If you’re looking to prevent injuries at critical times like the playoffs, skip the stressful exercises and just focus on conditioning, Madsen says.

Bills is the least injured NFL team of the year

Buffalo will face Kansas City Chiefs in a split round on Saturday Without injuring the starter. In fact, Bills was the NFL’s least injured team this year. NFL injury data summary..

In the first playoff game with the New England Patriots, Bills became the first team in NFL history to record an “perfect game” of attacks. ..

Team health, endurance, and conditioning to maintain efficiency throughout the game can have a lot to do with the fact that you don’t squat during the football season.

Why skipping squats during the playoffs is a good call, according to trainers

Squats build muscle. But they also put unnecessary stress on the body — this is not ideal if the player has to deal with the physical sacrifice of the sport.

“The season is tough for NFL players,” Madsen told insiders. “They are already fighting physical and mental fatigue, injuries, and stress from having to perform at the highest levels.”

He added that the benefits of squats aren’t worth the risk when most NFL players are already building lower body strength.

“Adding more strength may be more beneficial to some, but doing so during the grind of the season is a risk they don’t want to take,” Madsen said.

Celebrity trainer Mike Boyle agreed. He tells all clients to avoid traditional back squats — whether or not they are NFL players, Boyle is at risk of back squat injuries, especially the potential for back injuries, the training they provide. I believe it’s not worth it.

Instead, Boyle Bulgarian rush — Training to rush up and down with two heavy weights in your hands, one foot on the back bench and the other on the ground. It targets the same muscles as back squats.

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