“Buffy” actor Nicholas Brendon arrested on drug-related charges in Indiana


Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s alum, Nicholas Brendon, has been charged with a felony in Indiana for illegally obtaining prescription drugs and misrepresenting his identity to police officers. increase.

A 50-year-old woman who played her loyal companion Xander Harris in the horror fantasy series has violated the law several times in recent years. His latest work was arrested last week and produced a surreal mugshot of a once beautifully cut television actor.

According to Terre Haute, Indiana, a police officer’s probable cause affidavit — taken by the Times on Tuesday — Brendon 8 after noticing that a police officer was driving his silver Dodge Journey irregularly. It was pulled on the 18th of March. When Brendon was pulled, the affidavit said, “I had a visible pulse on my neck and I was shaking hands, so I looked sweaty and tense.”

The “Criminal Minds” actor provided the police officer with a California ID named Kelton Schultz, who initially claimed it was his name. They later found a medicine bottle in his pocket containing the amphetamine pills prescribed to Schultz.They found when the officers executed the license Idaho related warrant Another name is Nicholas Bender, who has the same date of birth as Schultz.

The actor was born as Nicholas Brendon Schultz and has twin brothers who go by his professional name. Kelly Donovan..

According to the affidavit, while searching for Brendon’s car, police found a small plastic bag containing crystalline / powder residues that police suspected to be stimulants or cocaine. Police officers also found another bottle containing the medicine prescribed by the vendor. According to the affidavit, some trim parts of the new car appeared to be broken or tampered with, the carpet was cut in multiple places, and suspicious marks were displayed on multiple screws.

A K-9 search for the vehicle led police to arrive at a more plastic bag containing residues but not other smuggled goods, and another prescription for amphetamine salt Schultz filled the day before.

Brendon replied when the officer called him “Hey Nick,” and they asked him why he lied about his name. He claimed that he had twin brothers and they had the same prescription and sometimes filled it with each other.

Police believed that Brendon abused or sold the pills and procured more using their siblings’ IDs or fake IDs. Brendon eventually provided his real name and corresponding Social Security number and was arrested and booked in Vigo County Jail.

He was released later that day, according to online prison records.

The actors had a series of legal issues and challenges. Includes arrest and 2015 split with his wife Only 5 months after getting married. He was previously arrested for massive theft, resisted arrest, assaulted police and criminal mischief, and piled up lap sheets in California, Idaho, Florida, and New York.He is famous Leaving “Dr. Phil” in 2015 He said he was fighting the problems of depression and substance abuse.

Last year, he made a judicial deal after allegedly attacking his girlfriend at a hotel in Palm Springs in 2017. Brendon agreed to complete a 52-week domestic violence course, subject to three years of probation, and to provide 20 hours of community service as part of it. , according to Desert sun.. The felony charges of inflicting corporal punishment on a spouse have been reduced to minor household batteries.

His next court day in Indiana is set for December 12.

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..