Bugatti and supercar manufacturer Rimac will form a company

Bugatti Rimac


Croatian supercar manufacturer Rimac has announced that it will form a joint venture with Porsche to merge the Bugatti supercar business from Volkswagen to Porsche and Rimac.The new company will be named “Bugatti Rimac”, But Bugatti and Rimac will maintain independent operations from each other, mainly focusing on sharing R&D and technical resources. In the new company, Porsche will hold 45% of the shares, while Rimac will hold 55%, but Porsche itself has a 24% stake in Rimac.

After the joint venture starts operations later this year, it is expected that Bugatti will be able to obtain Rimac’s technical expertise in electric vehicle power systems. Experience in running design. In addition, Rimac will also establish a new Rimac Technology company to develop and produce batteries, electric drives and other electric vehicle-related components.

The headquarters of Bugatti Rimac will be established in Zagreb, Croatia, where Rimac is currently located, and will serve as a joint R&D center for Rimac and Bugatti supercars in the future.

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