Building collapsed in South Korea, 9 dead, 8 injured

[Seoul, South Korea]On Wednesday in southern South Korea, a five-story building being demolished collapsed, rubble fell on a bus, and nine passengers were killed, officials said.

According to the National Fire and Disaster Management Agency, concrete from a collapsed building in Gwangju in the south fell onto a bus carrying 17 people parked on a nearby street.

Officials said in a statement that paramedics dispatched to the scene rescued eight people from the bus, all seriously injured, but found nine bodies.

    Collapse of Korean building
Firefighters looking for survivors after a collapsed building in Gwangju, South Korea on June 9, 2021. (Jung Hoi Sung / Young Hap, via AP)

Firefighter Kim Sok-sung said in a televised briefing from the site that all workers at the construction site had been evacuated before the collapse. He said some workers had told investigators that they had closed a pedestrian walkway near the building before the collapse.

Fire officials said paramedics were still searching for others who might have been trapped under the debris. The cause of the collapse was not immediately known.

According to Kim, some of the injured were bus drivers. Authorities did not immediately reveal details of other injuries or deaths.

According to a previous statement by fire authorities, the debris also fell on two passenger cars. However, officials watched the security video and later fixed it.

Local media reported that debris had fallen onto the bus and swallowed the street with a huge cloud of dust. The post-collapse video showed dozens of rescue workers equipped with stretchers and burs looking for survivors, but the excavator spilled concrete on the highway and the winding beams of steel. Hacked a huge mountain of.

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