Bulgarian GERB party fails to establish power and is likely to have a new election

Sofia, Bulgaria — Bulgaria’s central right GERB party on Friday has become the second party to give up forming a new government since an undecided parliamentary vote last month, and the Balkans are approaching their third election this year.

President Rumen Radev of former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov after abandoning the efforts formed by the dissident “there are such people” (ITN), who won a slight victory in the polls on July 11. I asked the party GERB to lead the country. Minority government.

However, after the July elections, 240 parliamentarians have only 63 seats, just behind ITN’s 65 seats, GERB is well below the majority, and other parties are the poorest in the European Union. Refusing to cooperate because of public anger at national corruption. state.

Prior to returning to Radef, Daniel Mitov, appointed Prime Minister of GERB, was already in campaign mode and was a minister to reporters so that “people can make comparisons and see our potential.” Presented a potential list of.

“This is a potential cabinet and is in a situation where it cannot be released by a second mission, so we will not officially present it …. We cannot rely on constructive discussions on policies or coalition agreements,” he said.

Radef must now ask a third party to attempt to form a government, but political analysts are very limited in the possibility due to the rift between ITN and two smaller anti-corruption parties. It states that it is.

If that fails, as expected, Radef will have to dissolve Congress again, appoint another interim government, and call for a new election within two months.

Long-term political uncertainty could hamper Bulgaria’s ability to effectively address the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and utilize the European Union’s multi-billion euro coronavirus recovery fund.

By Tsvetelia Tsolova