Bumble closes to give “burnout” staff a week’s break

Whitney Wolfe Herd

Founder Whitney Wolfe recently oversaw Bumble’s stock market debut

Bumble, a dating app for women to take the first step, has temporarily closed all offices this week to combat stress at work.

700 staff around the world are told to turn off and focus on themselves.

A senior executive revealed on Twitter that founder Whitney Wolfe had made a move to “correctly intuition our collective burnout.”

Bumble has been a busier year than most companies due to its debut in the stock market and the surge in user numbers.

This decision was praised by Claire O’Connor, head of editorial content, as a company taking a “long-awaited break.”

The pandemic was busy for the company as the blockade began to get boring and swiped to find a match that became more popular.

The number of paid users of Bumble and Badoo, which Bumble also owns, surged 30% in the three months to March 31 compared to the same period last year. According to its latest set of results.

Wolfhard also became the youngest woman at the age of 31 when he oversaw Bumble’s stock market debut in February and opened the company in the United States.

She sat her 18-month-old baby son on her hips and rang the Nasdaq bell, stating in her speech that she wanted to make the Internet a “more kind and accountable place.”

Workers in other industries are complaining about long working hours and their impact on well-being.

Earlier this year, a group of young Goldman Sachs bankers warned that they would be forced to resign unless the situation improved. They said they worked an average of 95 hours a week and slept five hours at night.

An investment banking spokeswoman said at the time, “In the first year of Covid, people are naturally quite nervous. That’s why we listen to their concerns and address them. We are taking multiple steps. “

Broader discussion

Bumble announced after several tech companies announced plans to work from home as the economy resumed.

Twitter says the majority of its staff expects to spend time working remotely and in the office. That’s despite what my boss Jack Dorsey said first Employees can work “forever” at home.

And Google readjusted the timetable To bring people back to work. As of September 1, employees who wish to work from home for at least 14 days a year must apply.

However, according to media reports in early June, Apple employees launched a campaign against their boss’s plans to return to Tim Cook’s office extensively.

It followed a note from all staff that Apple CEO said workers should be in the office at least three days a week by September.

Apple’s policy is “already forcing some of my colleagues to quit.” Technical publication The Verge.

“Without the inclusiveness that flexibility brings, many of us have to choose between family combination, happiness, empowerment to do our best work, or being part of Apple. I feel, “says the letter.

It also accuses executives of “disconnecting” with employees on remote or flexible work topics.

Other companies, such as accounting firm KPMG, have introduced new measures to combat the fatigue that some workers may feel after working in a less than ideal residential environment for over a year.

For example, to reduce the need for video calls, we needed a voice-only meeting on Friday. Also, early morning meetings are not recommended for staff to spend more time preparing for work days.

This is in stark contrast to KPMG’s UK Chairman Bill Michael’s comment in February when he told his colleagues to “stop moaning” during a virtual meeting to discuss potential salary, bonus and pension cuts with a pandemic. It is a target.

According to the Financial TimesMichael also told employees to stop “playing victim cards.” Since then, Michael has apologized and resigned.

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