Burkina Faso vehicle attack kills 2 aid group employees

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso—Two Doctors Without Borders employees died Wednesday when gunmen opened fire on a vehicle carrying a medical team in Burkina Faso, the organization said. The other two managed to escape.

The aid organization, also known by its French acronym MSF, said the violence occurred on the road between Dedougou and Tugan in the northwest of the country. In a statement, MSF said it had “suspended its activities in the Boucle-du-Mouhorn area” following the attacks.

MSF President Isabelle Defourney said: “This was a deliberate and deliberate attack during a medical operation against a clearly identified humanitarian team.”

Both victims were Burkina Faso citizens in their 30s who had worked for MSF for several years.

No one has claimed responsibility, but Islamic extremists are active in northern Burkina Faso. Violence linked to al-Qaeda and his ISIS terrorist group has killed thousands and displaced nearly two million people across the country.

The violence sowed discontent and distrust among the public and led to two coups last year. Attacks are on the rise.