Burmese ambassador to China dies suddenly

BEIJING—The Burmese ambassador to China died suddenly in the southwestern city of Kunming on Sunday, according to an obituary in Burmese state media and diplomatic sources in Beijing.

Ambassador Myothampe’s obituary published by the Burmese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a state-run newspaper on Monday did not specify the cause of his death.

Diplomats in Beijing and Chinese Burmese media reports said the likely cause was a heart attack.

Myo Thant Pe was last seen meeting with local officials on Saturday in Yunnan province, southwestern China, which borders Burma (also known as Myanmar), according to local news reports.

The Burmese Embassy in China did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

U Myo Thant Pe was appointed ambassador to China in 2019 and remained in that position after the Burmese military seized power in a February 2021 coup.

He was the fourth ambassador to die in China in the past year.

German ambassador Jan Hecker (54) passed away in September, less than two weeks after being stationed in Beijing. Ukrainian Ambassador Serhiy Kamyshev, 65, died during or shortly after his visit to the Beijing Winter Olympics venues in February.

Philippine Ambassador Jose Santiago “Chito” station. Romana, 74, died in quarantine in eastern China’s Anhui province in April.

Written by Yu Lung Tian