Burmese protesters launch “garbage strike”.Two people die when the number of deaths exceeds 500

Burma (also known as Myanmar) on Tuesday after activists launched a “garbage strike” against the junta at the expense of opposition victims killed by security forces since the coup on February 1. ) Over 500 piles of garbage on the streets of major cities.

According to Mijima’s news portal, security forces shot and killed a man in the southernmost town of Kawthoung. A relative of the 23-year-old victim told Reuters.

Police and military junta spokesmen did not answer the phone for comment.

Burma has been in turmoil since the military expelled an elected government led by Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and re-imposed the junta after a decade of interim measures towards democracy. Did.

Mandalay anti-coup protesters
Protesters against the coup are holding up a sign when they meet in Mandalay, Burma on March 5, 2021. (AP photo)

At least 512 civilians were killed in almost two months of protests against the coup, 141 of whom were killed on Saturday, the bloodiest day of the turmoil, according to advocates for the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP). ..

Alongside protests, strike civil disobedience campaigns have paralyzed much of the economy. In a new tactic, protesters sought to step up the campaign by asking residents to leave garbage at intersections in major cities in Yangon.

“This garbage strike is a strike against military junta,” he read a poster on social media. “Anyone can participate.”

Photos posted on social media showed a pile of garbage.

Thousands of protesters came out to march in several other towns across the country on Tuesday, according to media and social media photos.

Burmese protest
Tires burn on the streets in Mandalay, Burma, on March 27, 2021, as protests against a military coup continue. (Stringer / Reuters)
Burmese protest
Protesters hid themselves during a clash with security forces in Monywa, Burma on March 21, 2021. (Still image from video obtained by Reuters)

According to AAPP, 14 civilians were killed on Monday in the South Dagon district of Yangon, including at least eight.

According to witnesses, security forces there fired heavier caliber weapons at protesters crouching behind sandbag barricades. It was not immediately clear what kind of weapon it was.

According to state television, security forces used “riot weapons” to disperse a crowd of “violent terrorists” who were destroying the pavement, injuring a man.

Residents of South Dagon said there was no suspension in the crackdown on Tuesday.

“There was a shooting all night,” said a resident who did not reveal his identity.

According to witnesses, residents found a severely burned body in the morning, it was unclear what had happened to the person, and the military had taken the body.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged the Burmese general to stop killing and oppressing the demonstrators.

Villagers go to Thailand

The General Strike Committee of Nationality, one of the main groups behind the protests, called on Monday in an open letter to the Ili National Army to help those who confront the military’s “unjustified crackdown.”

Three groups, the Burmese National Democratic Front Alliance, the Arakan Army, and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army, stop the killing of protesters and solve political problems as a sign that the call may be gaining momentum. In a joint statement.

Otherwise, they said they would work with all ethnic groups “participating in the Myanmar Spring Revolution” to protect themselves.

Armed groups from various ethnic groups have been fighting the central government for decades for greater autonomy. Many groups have agreed to a ceasefire, but recently there has been intensified fighting between both eastern and northern troops.

Ethnic Karen Villagers
Obtained from social media Burma on March 27, 2021, this photo shows an ethnic Karen villager exiled from Myanmar’s Nipuno village after escaping a Burmese military airstrike in an unknown location in Karen. .. (Via Free Burmese Ranger / Reuters)
Burmese Civil War
Obtained from social media Burma on March 27, 2021, this photo shows an ethnic Karen villager exiled from Myanmar’s Nipuno village after escaping a Burmese military airstrike in an unknown location in Karen. .. (Via Free Burmese Ranger / Reuters)

Over the weekend, a violent clash between Thai troops and combatants from Burma’s oldest ethnic minority army, the Karen National Union (KNU), also blamed the coup.

According to a group of activists, Burmese military planes bombed the KNU area over the weekend, evacuating thousands of villagers to caves and about 3,000 fleeing to neighboring Thailand.

The Thai Foreign Ministry has denied accusations from rights activists that refugees have been forcibly returned, saying they will be accepted for humanitarian reasons. However, Thai officials at the border, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Reuters that Thai troops were still sending most people back because they were considered safe on the Burmese side.

Nonetheless, more than 12 people were allowed to travel to Thailand for treatment on Tuesday, according to Reuters witnesses.

The Burmese military has justified its seizure of power for decades, saying it is the only institution that can maintain national unity. It seized power by saying that the November elections won by Suu Kyi’s party were fraudulent and dismissed by the election committee.

However, foreign criticism and Western sanctions could not upset the general, and Suu Kyi remained detained in a private location in the face of various accusations that her lawyer had been beaten.

According to Reuters staff.Written by Ed Davis and Robert Barcel