Bus driver lost his job after racist remarks to students

New Orleans (AP) — A white Louisiana school bus driver who made a racist statement to a black student about the killing of George Floyd after a child’s mother complained to school officials. I lost my job.

WWL-TV report The 11-year-old Rashad Gabriel, carrying a face mask under his nose, was out of breath after running to catch a bus to the Trist Middle School in the Parish of St. Bernard on April 9 in New Orleans Metro. I told the driver that I was.

According to the child’s mother, Rose Gabriel, “Since George Floyd, that’s what all of you say, I can’t see my knees around your neck,” the driver replied. Other children heard the statement, which was also captured by the vehicle’s video surveillance system.

The mother reported it, and school director Doris Voitier said the driver was no longer working in the system.

“What she said was unpleasant and inappropriate. It was racially insensitive, and we took appropriate action,” he said.

Rose Gabriel welcomed swift action. “I was relieved to know that she wasn’t on the bus with my son or someone else’s child,” she said.

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murder and manslaughter in Floyd’s murder on Tuesday, causing massive protests around the world.