Bus tips to the sinkhole as a deadly storm hits Greece

Thessaloniki, Greece — A storm struck the country on Friday, damaging roads, closing schools and killing at least two people, causing a collapse in the center of Greece’s second-largest city for buses transporting oil refiners. I fell into a hole.

Officials said all 15 people on the Thessaloniki bus were intact. The incident occurred early on Friday when a refinery employee was heading to work. The front of the bus was initially partially flipped into a hole, allowing passengers to escape through the rear door. The empty vehicle later fell deep into the hole before the crane removed it.

The main roads remained closed while hundreds of homes in Athens, the Greek capital, were flooded and the storm crossed the country to the east.

Greek storm
On October 15, 2021, a bus transporting oil refiners fell into a sinkhole in a city in northern Thessaloniki, Greece. (Giannis Papanikos / AP Photo)

Floods killed one person on the Greek island of Euboea, and stormy weather exacerbated the damage caused by the massive wildfires of August. A traffic accident in the Peloponnese region of southern Greece killed one woman and injured several in a heavy rain.

Schools were closed in Athens and many flooded areas of the country, including Corfu and other islands along the west coast of Greece. Corfu rescue helicopters were used to lift stranded residents from the rooftops of flooded buildings.

Associated Press