Caitlyn Jenner Announces California Governor’s Bid

Caitlyn Jenner

Former Olympic athlete announced her bid on Friday

Caitlyn Jenner has announced that she has submitted documents to run for the Governor of California.

A former Olympic athlete and reality show star will run as a Republican at the Democratic headquarters.

Recalls in the state could be confirmed this month after the number of petitions to the current Democratic governor Gavin Newsom reached the number needed to trigger a vote.

Voters are asked if they want to keep Mr. Newsam or make him another candidate.

According to the Axios news site, Ms. Jenner has formed a team that includes an advisor to former President Donald Trump.

“California people want and deserve better from the governor,” Jenner said in a statement on Friday’s Twitter account.

“For too long, career politicians have exceeded their promises and haven’t achieved results. We need a leader with a vision, and we’re determined to see it,” she added. It was.

Jenner promised that her campaign would be one of the “solutions” and would provide a “roadmap to prosperity to turn this situation around.”

She added that she would officially launch the campaign at a later date.

If the call election progresses, it will be the fourth governor’s election in US history.

Newsam faces criticism about dealing with a pandemic. When infections began to decline, he was criticized by business owners for still enforcing restrictions.

In a statement, Jenner described himself as a “proven winner” and added that he was “the only outsider who could end the dire era of Gavin Newsom as governor.”

Who is Caitlyn Jenner?

Caitlyn Jenner is described as the most famous American to emerge as a transgender.

She announced in 2015 that she was transgender in an interview with ABC broadcaster Diane Sawyer. The star said she had been wrestling with her gender since she was a kid..

The former athlete won the gold medal at the 1976 Montreal Games.

Before the transition, she married Kris Jenner and the pair had two daughters, Kendall and Kyrie. The family was the star of the hit reality show “Kardashian Family Fuss”.

Caitlyn Jenner said her stepdaughter Kim Kardashian was a major supporter of her transition.

Famous Governor of California

California is no stranger to celebrities running for governor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger won the 2003 recall election, beating adult movie star Marie Carrie and former child actor Gary Coleman.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger served as Governor of California for two terms

Schwarzenegger, considered the new Republican poster boy at the time, was nominated as a future presidential candidate, but The birthplace of his Austria was a barrierAs the Constitution states that candidates must be born in the United States.

He resigned in 2011 after seven years in office. Since then, the Governor of California has been held exclusively by the Democratic Party.

In 1966, former actor Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California and was reelected four years later. Prior to politics, he starred in more than 50 films and eventually became president of the Screen Actors Guild.

But his biggest role hasn’t come yet. In 1980, he was elected President of the United States and served two four-year terms.

US transgender politician

If she wins, Ms. Jenner will be one of a small group of transgender Americans responsible for such attention.

She was at the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire Show in 2017 We are considering entering US politics to promote LGBT issues.

Last year, Sarah McBride became the first Transgender State Senator in the United States. After she won the race in Delaware in the 2020 elections. And she wasn’t the only transgender candidate to make history in last year’s elections.

Taylor Small, 26, of Vermont, was elected to the House of Representatives while in Kansas. Stephanie Byers became the first transgender colored race to be elected to the state legislature.

Analysis box by North American reporter Anthony Zacher

Analysis Box by North American Reporter Anthony Zacher

The last time California dismissed the governor, he ended up with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger at the state’s top office. Caitlyn Jenner seems to want history to repeat 18 years after Terminator’s political success.

The California recall process, which sets up a two-part vote to remove an incumbent and, if successful, chooses an alternative from the candidate’s open field, is a celebrity candidate who can stand out in the crowd. Helps to launch a person. That certainly applies to both Schwarzenegger and Jenner. Their reality television stardom and personal history make her unique.

But that’s not an easy path. Unlike Governor Gray Davis in 2003, incumbent Gavin Newsom won his first election with a landslide victory. He has built a fair amount of campaign war chests, which are very popular and run in California at a much more liberal time than it was 20 years ago.

Newsome’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has hit his position, but he’s still in better shape than the unfortunate Davis-and the state outlook is improving. If California voters didn’t choose to kick Newsom out, Jenner’s political hopes would disappear before they actually started.