Caitlyn Jenner joins proceedings to prevent Gavin Newsom from getting “Democratic” ballots

Governor of California’s hopeful Caitlyn Jenner has joined a lawsuit to prevent incumbent Governor Gavin Newsom from being named a “Democrat” on ballots in the upcoming recall.

Jenner Announcement On Tuesday, she and her governor’s campaign petitioned the Secretary of State of California to intervene in a proceeding filed by Newsam in an attempt to label his name “Democratic” on ballots. Jenner said he participated in the proceedings “to ensure that the law governing recalls was enforced and applied uniformly,” said Newsom’s appointed Secretary of State of California, Shirley Weber. It will not provide a strong and sincere defense against Newsome’s demands. ” For incentives “

“Through his time as governor, Gavin Newsom always believed he was beyond the law,” Jenner said. “Whether it was when he shut us down Lived it in the french laundry Or, when sending your child to a private school face-to-face classroom and preventing our children from learning in the face-to-face classroom, this is another example of Gavin Newsom’s hypocrisy. “

Gavin Newsom sues California election chief and gets party designation on recall ballot

Last Tuesday, Newsom Sued California Chief Election Officer claims that he put his party affiliation on the recall ballot in late 2021 and removed his party affiliation due to a mistake in preparing the recall ballot documents in 2020 Did.

“Petitioners have a beneficial interest in ensuring that party priority elections appear on recall ballots, as set out in Election Code Section 11320. You can make more informed choices when deciding how to vote in your recall elections. ” read..

Newsom’s filings claimed that Weber had the authority to change the designation of Newsom’s ballot because the election was not dated and did not prove the recall, but the Lieutenant Governor of the State. Announcement The recall is scheduled for Thursday, September 14, after which the recall has been approved.

it was Originally believed The scallop will take place in October, but many state legislators believe Newsom will benefit from a swift scallop. Passed the bill June 28th, the recall date for Newsome will be advanced.

Act of Parliament 152Passing through Congress and the Senate, “If the Legislature allocates funds, the Joint Legislative Budget Committee will review the estimate within 30 days and the Secretary of State will prove the adequacy of the signature before commenting. We have determined that it is reasonably necessary to carry out a national dismissal and have designated funds for that purpose in the Budget Act or other legislation. “

Under current state law, the Treasury issues a cost estimate, after which the Joint Legislative Budget Committee will review and comment on the cost within 30 days.

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Newsom suffered from low approval rates amid closed businesses and strict restrictions during the heyday of the COVID-19 pandemic, but organizers have accumulated Over 1.7 million signatures The governor’s approval rating bounced back as the state moved towards reopening on behalf of efforts to bring him back.

Along with Jenner, several Republican candidates are running to leave Newsom.Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer Entered February race, and Congressman Kevin Kylie Announcement His candidacy on Tuesday.

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