Caitlyn Jenner said voters were “unbelievable” to keep Newsom in power after only about 1% of the votes were voted for in California’s recall.

Caitlyn Jenner

Governor candidate Caitlyn Jenner is watching at a town hall meeting in Pasadena, California on August 28, 2021. Robin Beck / AFP via Getty Images

  • Caitlyn Jenner has so far won 1.1% of the votes cast in the California Governor’s Recall Election.

  • Despite her nearly universal name identification, Jenner struggled to gain traction with voters.

  • In an interview with Newsmax, she said she would “evaluate” future political opportunities.

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Caitlyn Jenner participated in this year’s California Governor’s Recall Election with a near-universal name recognition and a keen desire to defeat Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. Brand yourself As a “save” and “compassionate destroyer” of the Golden State from its generous excess.

However, When a return comes Not only did Newsom stay in office for the rest of his first term, which expires in early 2023, on Tuesday night, but it was early clear that Republicans would be locked out of Sacramento’s lever of power again-Jenner. Debilitated among voters in her first political race.

With 58% of the votes cast, Jenner has so far won 56,355 votes, or about 1.1% of the votes cast. Of the approximately 5.3 million votes counted so far According to Insider and Decision Desk Headquarters..

Jenner lags far behind Republican front-runner and conservative radio host Larry Elder, who has so far won 45% of the votes, 2,373,551 votes, among those who chose candidates when Newsom was recalled. I was taking it.

Other prominent Republicans, including the former Mayor of San Diego Kevin Fall Connor 2018 Governor candidate John Cox also outperformed Jenner with 8.3% and 4.2% votes, respectively.

In response to the results, Jenner expressed disappointment with Newsum’s survival of the recall. The recall was fueled by conservative anger at the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially as it involved a business closure during the first wave of the virus.

Retired gold medal Olympic athlete in a video shared by CBS News I could not believe it The Newsome defeated the election challenge.

“He didn’t campaign for any of the successes because he has no success,” she said. “I can’t believe so many people actually voted to keep him in power. That’s a shame. To be honest, it’s a shame. It’s like getting the government you deserve. “

“When I decided to do this, I came as an outsider. I’ve been in politics for a long time, but never actually ran for it. And the wonderful people around me really I thought it was necessary. I know the inside and outside of politics. Please help me get over this. I was able to form a great team and give me guidance, help and tackle the problem. I have to thank all of them for giving me. “

Appearing In Newsmax early Tuesday, Jenner said he “wants the best” in the election results.

“For me, it’s just floating in the air [with] What will happen, “she said. I think it would be hard to do, but I want the best … If he doesn’t remember, I’m sorry for the Californian people. “

Jenner said he would keep his options open when asked if he would consider playing Newsom again in 2022 or try his hand in a parliamentary race.

“One of the things I can say is that I completely enjoyed this process,” she said. “It’s uplifting and rewarding. I’m a caring person. I love people. The process was great. Once this is done we evaluate and see where we are . “

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