Calgary police investigate newly elected free lawmakers on suspicion of exchanging leaflets at the front door


Newly elected Liberal Party member George Chahal is under investigation on suspicion of exchanging enemy campaign ads for his own, according to Calgary police.

Former Calgary city council member Chahar won the Calgary Skyview run for federal elections as a Liberal candidate, beating the Conservative incumbent Jagsahota with about 3,300 votes.

However, on the eve of the September 20th vote, Chahar deleted Sahota’s campaign leaflet and was caught by a doorbell camera that appeared to be leaving his leaflet, as seen in a video footage posted on social media. rice field.

The Calgary Police Service said in a statement that they had been complained and an investigation was underway.

“The report was directed to anti-corruption units that handle investigations of delicate nature or involve civil servants,” the statement said.

“We are in the very early stages of the investigation and at this time we have not yet decided whether to leave the investigation on the CPS or move it to another investigative body, such as the Canadian Election Commission.”

Chahars Campaign Spokesperson Told CBC News Chahar took Sahota’s campaign flyer because it contained incorrect polling place information. Homeowner Glenn Penett said it wasn’t, and it was the leaflet left on his door that Sahar had the wrong information.

Chahar, one of the two Liberal Party elected in Alberta, is also an elected councilor of the Calgary Police Commission, a private organization that oversees the Calgary Police Service. The Commission said Chahar demanded exemption from his obligations during the campaign, CBC News reported..

According to the Canadian Election Law section, “You cannot prevent or impair the public transmission of election advertising messages without the consent of someone authorized to send election advertising messages.”

The Canadian Election Commission told CBC News that the Canadian Election Commission will begin investigating any violations of the law. The Commissioner’s office did not say whether he had received a complaint about the Chahars case.

The Epoch Times sought comment from both the Chahar and Sahota campaign teams and the Election Commission, but did not immediately respond.

Andrew Chen


Andrew is a Toronto-based reporter.