Cali-influencer charged with wild allegations that a Latino couple tried to kidnap her child

Twitter / KTVU

Twitter / KTVU

A California mother and an Instagram influencer infected with the virus last December told police false information after accusing a Latino couple of trying to abduct a child at a petaluma craft store, according to county prosecutors. Was charged with providing.

Katie Sorensen of Sonoma County faces two misdemeanors allegedly lying to police officers about the incident. The bizarre accusations against longtime locals Eduardo and Sadie Martinez, who have five children, were a clear example of racial profiling. The two said at that time..

“Great news for all of us, but mostly for my cousin Sadie Vega-Martinez and her husband Eddie,” said a member of the family. Written on Facebook After the price is announced. “They were mistakenly accused by this” influencer “who tried to kidnap children at a local Michaels store. Big claim! She obviously didn’t know who she was messing with … my cousin. Prima, I’m glad I did my best! You absolutely need the attentional result of seeking the “influencers” that make up the drama of social likes and views … Can you imagine this happening to you? It was completely possible. And that’s unrealistic. “

The barbaric claim began with a video posted by Sorensen on December 13th to her now obsolete Instagram account @motherhoodessentials.

“This Monday, my children were the target of an attempted kidnapping,” she said. “Well, that’s very strange to even say. But, uh, it happened. And I shared the story with you to raise awareness about which signs to look for. , I would like to strive to encourage parents to be more aware of what is happening around them and around them. “

Caucasian Sorensen Later told the local news agency KTVU A man and a woman took her, her 4-year-old son, and her 1-year-old daughter to the store. She said in an Instagram video she heard a couple’s voice “not always looking pretty” on the phone and explained what the kids would look like.

“I heard them talking about the characteristics of my children, but I was completely paralyzed by fear,” Sorensen continued. “I couldn’t say anything to myself.”

She claimed that the couple chased her and her children into the parking lot and behaved strangely as they walked into a van parked near Sorensen.

“It’s very annoying,” Sorensen said, after which the pair explained that they ran the car without further accidents. “Not only are they brave, but there is no other explanation as to why they are doing it … I saw these people, they didn’t always look pretty. I did them. Instead of feeling uncomfortable around me and making them uncomfortable with my discomfort, I chose to stay with my discomfort. “

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Petalna Police Station

Police released CCTV images of the couple and asked for witnesses to appear, but could not find evidence or witnesses to support Sorensen’s explanation.

Sadie Martinez, who acknowledged herself and her husband in surveillance camera photos, said at a subsequent press conference: It’s as if you’re literally guilty of turning brown while shopping. “

Martinez became public with their desire to see Sorensen prosecuted soon.

“Do you really think it’s okay to become a racist online and talk about your family?” Sadie Martinez Said at a rally a few days later.. “It’s hard enough to be a Latino family in a white community.”

“It’s sad to be accused of waking up one day to go shopping and trying to kidnap someone’s child … unfortunately we have a goal on our backs,” she said.

Sorensen claimed that the couple didn’t buy anything at the store, perhaps before chasing her out. However, surveillance photos seemed to show that they were buying. Immediately after the controversy broke out, Sadie Martinez’s daughter, Esaia Gonzalez, said Told BuzzFeed News She was “feared” by Sorensen’s claims and believed that she was likely to have heard her talking about her grandchildren rather than Sorensen’s children.

Sorensen did not respond to the request for an interview. Her lawyer, Charles Dresou, told The Daily Beast that she wouldn’t be able to comment in detail until Sorensen was indicted.

A source close to Sorensen told The Daily Beast that he had sent the case to the district attorney’s office after the Petaluma police station had completed the investigation. The maximum sentence for each of the two prosecutions is six months in prison, but sources say that unless “very special circumstances” are involved, the defendant may be given so much time in such cases. Said it was rare.

“This will be one of the legally attractive situations, as the political desire to prosecute something as a crime can go beyond the content of the criminal law,” sources said. “Obviously, there are some top-level interesting things with that social context, but there is also a kind of fascinating legal context for everything that is worth following in some way.”

False reports allegedly submitted by Sorensen imitate others with a series of false allegations made by whites against colored races.Last year, a white woman in New York City accidentally Blame black birdwatchers It threatens her and her dog. Amy Cooper, a woman, was fired from her job at investment firm Franklin Templeton when evidence became clear that she had created everything.

According to a 2017 survey, blacks convicted of murder 50% more likely to be innocent Than whites convicted of the same crime.

In the aftermath of alleged kidnapping, Sadie Martinez launched the #ProsecuteKatie movement on social media and was appointed to Petaluma’s advisory board on police and racial relations.

Sorensen will be sued on May 13.

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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