California and the rest of the west burn and burn

Firefighters working in the scorching heat struggled to contain the biggest wildfire in California this year, but the state’s power company said a large wildfire in neighboring Oregon powered from three major power lines. After obstructing the flow of fire, he urged people to save energy.

The wide western belt, which was burned at triple-digit temperatures over the weekend, was expected to continue until the beginning of the week. The California Independent System Operator, which manages the state’s power grid, issues a five-hour “flex alert” Monday from 4 pm, asking consumers to “save as much power as possible” to avoid power outages. I did.

California and other parts of the west are deeply submerged in drought, which increases the risk of fire in many areas. In Arizona, a small plane crashed on Saturday during a wildfire investigation in rural Mohave County, killing both crew members.

The Beech C-90 aircraft helped scout a cedar basin fire caused by lightning near a small community in Wikiup, northwest of Phoenix.

Officials on Sunday said the victims were Jeff Pietula, 62, an air tactical group supervisor who was a former fire chief in the Tucson region who worked in the Coronado National Forest, and a Falcon Executive Aviation pilot who signed with the U.S. Forest Department. It was identified as Matthew Miller (48). .. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the conflict.

In Oregon, a bootleg fire exploded to 224 square miles (580 square kilometers) as it ran through heavy timber in the Fremont Winma National Forest near the town of Klamath County in Sprague River. The fire disrupted the service of three transmission lines that supply up to 5,500 megawatts of electricity to neighboring California.

California’s biggest wildfire of the year was rampant near its border with Nevada. Beckworth Complex Fire, a combination of two lightning flames burning north of Lake Tahoe, has grown to 134 square miles (348 kilometers) by the third Sunday. However, firefighters working at temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) were able to gain some ground and doubled their containment to 20%.

At the end of Saturday, the US395, which was closed near the small town of Doyle in Lassen County, California, burned. The lane resumed on Sunday, and authorities paid attention to the driver and urged him to continue moving along the main north-south route where the flames were still going on.

“Don’t stop and take pictures,” said Fire Chief Jake Kagle. “Stopping and seeing what’s going on hinders our business.”

Mr. Kagle said the building was burnt in Doyle, but the exact number was unknown. Bob Pralee, who manages Back Invar in a town of about 600 people, said he saw at least six homes destroyed after a rekindling on Saturday. The fire was smoldering in and around Doyle on Sunday, but he was afraid that some remote ranch property was still at risk.

“It looks like the worst in town is over, but when we get back to the hillside, the fire is still strong,” Pralie said.

Wildfires in southeastern Washington grew to nearly 60 square miles (155 square kilometers) as they blackened grass and timber while moving to the Umatira National Forest.

In Idaho, Governor Brad Little declared a wildfire emergency on Friday and mobilized National Guard to help fight the fire that broke out after a thunderstorm struck a drought-stricken area.

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