California boy beaten and chased home by bully despite offering $50 for safety


An Asian-American family in Santa Clara, Calif., has charged two boys with allegedly chasing them before repeatedly hitting them outside their home.

it was a vicious attack Caught by a home security camerawhich allegedly occurred around 5:25 p.m. Saturday.

Nina LesliePosting a video on Instagram on Monday, Ms. Chan said two boys were following her younger brother, who is also a minor, as he was walking his dog. The victim reportedly fled when he heard the man say, “Let’s catch him.”

In the video, alleged bullies can be seen cornering Nina’s brother in their own doorway. Something big is approaching,” he said.

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Another boy in black can be seen in the background. The victim offers $50 for his own safety, but the alleged bully is still beaten twice. increase.

The victim defended her sister’s dog throughout the attack.

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“Watching this video over and over again hurts me because I’ve never had a stomach ache like this watching an innocent little boy get hurt,” Nina wrote. . “My brother got hit a couple of times. He hugged my dog ​​so he wouldn’t get hurt. [and] That’s one of the reasons he didn’t fight back. ”

Nina said the two minors have been bothering her brother for “a little over a year.” confirmed.

“This incident affected our family’s safety. I’m afraid other families will retaliate if the word gets around. “My brother is afraid to go outside and we are afraid for his safety.”

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Nina said the family threatened assault and battery charging on the day of the incident.

“You’ve built a fire inside me that I’m not going to let go of. It didn’t upset him to hurt my brother like that and have him eat all your punches. Trust.” [that] My brother is a strong boy and Imma stands by him,” Nina wrote in a follow-up Instagram story. “I’ll be back tenfold.”

An Instagram user who described himself as a concerned parent said he contacted Buxer Middle School, where the two bullies attend, to report the incident. Shortly after, Principal Justin Ponzio issued a statement.

“Late Sunday night, I was notified of an incident involving a Buxer Middle School student that occurred off-campus over the weekend. I understand this was also shared on social media. Our powers in this situation are limited because they are not,” Ponzio wrote. “However, this is a very serious situation and we are cooperating with the police investigation, including immediately reporting it to the police and identifying the students involved.”

Ponzio also said the school had discussed safety with students and their families.

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