California Democrats hear from Newsom as the recall heats up

Sacramento, California (AP) —Governor of California Gavin Newsom will address the Democratic Party on a loyal Saturday as it launches a campaign to continue working.

His speech to thousands of activists at the de facto annual meeting of the Democratic Party of California shows that preliminary counts have enough signatures for recall efforts against him to vote. Comes shortly after the state electoral authorities announce that they are.

Voters will have the opportunity to decide whether to dismiss the first Democrat before the end of their term in a near-certain election this fall. Tournament representatives are some of the party’s most hard-working organizers, who can knock on doors, make phone calls, and provide a cheering section at a rally of Democratic candidates.

“The governor can tell and remind everyone why we supported him as governor and why he won the overwhelming majority,” said Democrat Lieutenant Eleni Kounalakis. It was. For party activists, Republicans are trying to thwart Newsom, “which will ultimately create systematic support to defeat the recall.”

Vice President Kamala Harris is also exciting for Democrats who have promoted California’s political position, from district attorneys in San Francisco to state prosecutors to US Senators before Joe Biden was elected president. I plan to make a momentary remark.

The annual rally, which began on Thursday, serves as a forum for discussing policies, supporting candidates, and otherwise energizing party members. With no other major contests on state ballots this year, Newsom’s expected fall recall will be one of the hottest races in California and the United States.

“Being ready to organize and defeat Republican Governor Gavin Newsom will be an important part of our conversation,” said California Democratic Party Chairman Rusty Hicks. “.

Hicks, who has just been re-elected as a party chair, said the tournament will focus on the emergence of California from the pandemic, including efforts to vaccinate millions of people, reopen schools and support small businesses. He said he would continue to match.

Newsom’s political fate depends in part on how people feel about dealing with the pandemic and whether schools and businesses remain open by the election.

Republicans have blown him up over the closure of schools and businesses, but recent polls show that the majority of voters support his treatment of schools and the economy.

In the recall, voters are asked two questions: Who needs to recall Newsome and who needs to replace him? He cannot run in the second vote. Votes for that question will only be counted if more than half of the voters want to leave Newsome.

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Fallconner, businessman John Cox, former House of Representatives Doug Ose, and reality check star Caitlyn Jenner are among the Republicans running to replace him.

So far, Democrats are united behind Newsom. The governor described the recall as an attack by former President Donald Trump’s supporters of California’s progressive values. This is an argument that has proven prominent among Democrats.

Christine Pelosi, retired chairman of the state party’s women’s caucuses and daughter of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, said the Democratic Party is excited to uphold the state’s progressive ideals. But she said Democrats had to show people what they were for and stay focused on how to help people recover from the pandemic.

“Our concern is that people won’t vote unless we think we’re talking to the reality of our lives,” Pelosi said.

Beyond Newsom and Harris, the delegation will hear Saturday from former Governor Jerry Brown, Pelosi, former Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Alex Padilla, appointed by Newsom on behalf of Harris.

Padilla will run for election in 2022.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, who rarely attends state party conventions, does not speak. She has faced growing criticism and scrutiny of her suitability for the office and has never been loved by the party’s progressive activists. In 2018, they approved her challenger.

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