California family filed proceedings after police allegedly beat a black teen

Devin Carter had bruises on his eyes and scratches on his face.

A black teenage family filed a federal proceeding in Stockton, California, against four police officers who “severely beat” the teenager during his 2020 arrest. according to NBC News..

Devin Carter, 17 years old, on December 30, 2020, when he was arrested while transportation was stopped, he had bruising on his eyes and scratches on his face and back. The incident led to the dismissal of two police officers, Michael Styles And Omar Villapudua.. All four policemen involved in the case are under investigation by a district attorney.

Images released by Carter's lawyer show the extent of his injury. Courtesy Law Firm of John Barris.  (Via NBC News)

Images released by Carter’s lawyer show the extent of his injury. Courtesy Law Firm of John Barris. (Via NBC News)

Police reportedly hit and kicked Carter’s face and back, shouting blasphemous words.

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According to a proceeding filed on Friday, “Devin Carter quickly curled up to the position of a foetation as several police officers gathered around him and beat him violently with his closed fists and feet.” Carter was driving to his father’s house when police began chasing him in an attempt to pull him for speeding. The teenager was unaware that the police were behind him, the proceedings said.

Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones In a statement on Tuesday, “several” police officers were disciplined and Stiles and Villapudua police officers were dismissed for acting “outside both our policies and training.” He also called their actions “not experts.”

“Our department has a policy stating that we should try to avoid hitting arrested people around the head and neck when possible. Given this situation, I am overkill. The power of is unacceptable and unacceptable. Moreover, the use of blasphemous expressions is considered unjustified and non-professional, “says Jones.

John BarrisA family lawyer, has released a photo of Carter’s bruise and footage from a police body camera. This showed that the policeman was yelling to his teens, “Please remove his seat belt.” Barris said the police acted like a “flock of wolves” and “pulled a young black man out of the car and beat him violently for no provocation or reason.”

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Carter shouted in pain, “OK, OK, OK. I’m down. I’m not resisting because he was being pulled from the car and driven to the ground. NBC News..

so Press releaseBarris said Carter called his actions “evil” for fear of police “beating him to death.”

“The actions of the police were so vicious that they should have been criminally charged. The most troublesome aspect of the case was that these police were somehow exempt from departmental discipline and were injured. They must have believed that they could escape their actions knowing that the camera they were wearing was turned on. These vicious policemen behaved like a flock of wolves, and Devin at their dinner. I haven’t seen police officers beating it exorbitantly since my former client, Rodney King, was beaten by LAPD police officers in March 1991. “

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