California Governor Gavin Newsom Rebels Relinquishs Emergency Authority

Governor of the Democratic Party of California at the Vaccine Lottery on Friday Gavin Newsom Breaking his promise to lift the state’s state of emergency after June 15, he was able to retain the authority to thoroughly order COVID restrictions.

“One thing I’m convinced of is that there is uncertainty in the future,” Newsom said. “Emergency situations are valid after June 15th.”

When asked why he would withdraw his promise to Californians, the governor replied: This illness is still going on. It’s not a summer break. “

He implied that emergency authority might need to be used again. “Some corrections may be needed based on changing circumstances,” he said.

Reporters appear to have approved Newsom to recommend masks to everyone in the workplace if some employees have not yet been vaccinated. California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (CalOSHA) Board Decision I also asked about. Such a policy would maintain Maskmandate beyond the expiration date of Newsom’s prescribed requirements. The Board has set up a subcommittee to further investigate this issue.

“It’s dusty. They have a subcommittee to follow up on some of the work. They’re heading in the right direction,” Newsom commented on the CalOSHA issue.

“We are working on this. This is the sausage manufacturing process. We had a lot of conversations early this morning about people’s feelings about what happened last night. The governor made these decisions in advance. I find it useful not to direct or force ….. we are in the iterative process of engagement ….. we want to let many people know about our next steps in the near future. I’m thinking, “said Newsam.

The governor has repeatedly reiterated the effectiveness and importance of wearing a mask, despite the nationwide spread of vaccines and the plunge in virus prevalence. “Face covers continue to be an important part of the weapon to combat this disease,” he asserted.

Flip-flops on Newsom’s COVID restrictions and his attitude of not wanting to give up pandemic emergency powers Recall movement Exempt him from removing because the governor has widespread support from more than one million petitioners. This effort was heavily inspired by Newsom’s coronavirus policy, which includes some of the strictest containment measures in the United States.

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