California Governor Newsom says he will not lift the state of emergency on June 15.

government Gavin Newsom Do not lift the state of emergency California On June 15th, as promised, he said on Friday.

Newsum was asked if he would lift the order giving him broad emergency powers on June 15, and on the day he said he would lift most of the COVID restrictions, “emergency conditions will remain valid after June 15.” I answered.

“One thing I’m convinced of is that there is uncertainty in the future,” Newsam said at an event to select winners of the state lottery-style vaccination incentive program.

California has been declared a state of emergency since March 2020. Since then, according to a state Republican resolution, Newsom has issued about 47 executive orders to change or suspend 200 state laws and regulations due to the virus.

“Gavin Newsom admitted that we knew from the beginning. He wasn’t going to bring California back to normal and everything he said was a lie. In Gavin’s California, he was a dictator. Lockdown, which acts like a man and keeps Californians under his strict control, “said Caitlyn Jenner, who opposes Newsom in a special recall election over the response to the coronavirus.

Mr. Newson argued that: “We are still in a state of emergency. The illness is still going on. This does not mean that summer is a holiday.”

The governor suggested that in the future it may be necessary to use such emergency privileges. “Some corrections may be needed based on changing circumstances,” he said.

Newsome in California ordered to pay $ 1.35 million in a settlement with the LA-AREA Church that exceeds the limits of the coronavirus

The state legislature was able to terminate Newsom’s emergency powers through a resolution and repeatedly tried, but was thwarted by the Democratic Party.

Newsom has been touting June 4 as the day the Golden State can return to normal for weeks, saying it will lift its mask obligations on that day.California has increased vaccination rates It is one of the last states to keep the mask obligations.

California Union President-elect says he doesn’t support Newsom for recalls

Friday’s announcement that he would retain emergency authority offended Republicans in other states.

“If Newsom believes it’s safe for the state to reopen, it’s safe for people to make their own decisions without for arbitrary arbitrary, whimsical rules,” said the Republican Party. Republican leader Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) said in a statement: “We don’t grow bananas in California, so we don’t need the Banana Republic.”

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Since the recall efforts have been activated, Newsome and Congress have approved $ 2.3 billion in cash payments for low-income adults and plan to give most taxpayers an additional $ 8.1 billion in rebates later this year. Promised to give people over $ 100 million incentives to get vaccinated.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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