California Governor’s Two Gavin Newsom Children Test Positive for COVID-19


Sacramento, Calif. (AP) —Governor Gavin Newsom’s office announced Friday that two of Governor Gavin Newsom’s children were coronavirus-positive and his family was following “all COVID protocols.”

A statement by Governor’s spokesman Erin Melon said, “Newsams will continue to support indoor masking of unvaccinated individuals, stop the epidemic and end this pandemic in the most effective way. We are advocating vaccination as a member. “

According to a brief statement, Newsam, his wife Jennifer Siebel Newsam, and two other children subsequently tested negative for COVID-19, but did not provide other details such as exposure methods. It was.

The governor’s four children are all under the age of 12, the age at which children are allowed to be vaccinated under federal regulations.

The announcement comes just days after Newsum’s easy defeat of the effort to bring back Newsom, partly caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that closed most of the state for over a year. The recall gained momentum after Newsom was captured at a lobbyist’s birthday party at a fashionable Napa Valley restaurant in November — a large party that was unmasked and violated his own social distance orders. so.

However, according to the primary, Newsom won about 64% of the votes in the election on Tuesday. result.

Republicans trying to replace Newsom opposed masking and vaccine obligations, but Newsom doubled them, claiming that Republican opponents would threaten significant efforts to slow the spread of the virus. The recall was called the “problem of life and death.”

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