California gunfire suspects banned from buying guns

Sacramento, California (AP) —A man accused of shooting four people in a mass shooting at a company in Southern California after California law prohibits people from buying weapons for 10 years. , Should not have been allowed to buy or own a gun. It has been several years since I was convicted of a crime.

Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez was convicted of batteries in 2015. This should prevent you from possessing or purchasing guns or ammunition at the background check store. It’s unclear how Gakushiora, 44, obtained the weapons used in the March 31 shooting, but the tragedy raises concerns about California’s ability to enforce the strict gun control law, The Sacramento Bee. Is causing. Reported on Friday,

According to police, Gaxiola was targeting Orange’s mobile home brokerage company, Unified Home, and had personal and business relationships with the victims. His estranged wife has been in the business for over a decade as a broker assistant.

The shooting occurred almost six years after Gaxiola pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. This should have banned Gaxiola from owning a gun for the next 10 years. This list is used during the state gun and ammunition background check process.

Lieutenant Jennifer Amat of the Orange Police learned that Gaxiola was not on the “banned list” two weeks after the shooting, but the purchase of the gun could have been blocked during a standard background check. There is sex.

She said the detective was still working on Glock’s semi-automatic pistols and ammunition chase.

It’s rare to miss a person banned in a background check, or a dealer decides to sell to a banned customer, said a former California Legal Affairs Bureau director who is currently working as a program manager for the Brady campaign. Said Steve Lindley. To prevent gun violence.

According to Lindley, people are still getting guns illegally, even with all the temporary gaps in the “very good system.”

“Unfortunately, there is always a market for illegal guns when gun control is strict,” Lindley said. “People want to get them in some way.”

In 2016, California became the first and only state in the country to establish an armed ban system to track firearm owners who fall into the ban category based on their criminal history and risk to themselves and others. became.

This system aims to prevent gun violence by preventing people who are considered too dangerous to own a gun from owning or buying a gun. The system is to warn authorities when records are pulled from several databases and a person who once legally purchased a gun is on the banned list.

The Department of Justice agent, which manages the state’s background check system, tracks banned persons and confiscates weapons and ammunition. Authorities say there is a shortage of staff to clear the unprocessed portion of the case. Due to the pandemic shortage of staff, the problems pointed out by the authorities became more prominent.

There is an “important story fragment” to understand if he got it because of an institutional failure, without knowing in detail how Gaxiola got the pistols and ammunition. Dr. Garen Wintemte, an emergency physician at UC Davis, said the medical center where he is the director of the Anti-Violence Research Program.

Gakushiora, 44, was charged with four attempted murders and three attempted murders for seriously injuring a woman by firing at two police officers who were shot dead and injured when firing with a pistol. I was charged. She was the mother of a 9-year-old boy who died in her arms.

Gaxiola’s complaint has been repeatedly postponed because he remains hospitalized and cannot contact a lawyer appointed by the court.

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