California loses home seat for the first time

The US Census Bureau announced on Monday that California would lose its seat in the House of Representatives for the first time in history.

Golden State is one of seven states that lose seats in house due to population changes, including New York, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Meanwhile, Texas will win two seats, while Colorado, Florida, Montana, North Carolina and Oregon will each win one seat.

Population changes are in line with regional trends in which the number of seats in the South and West has increased and the number of seats in the Northeast and Midwest has decreased since 1940. Since 1940, there have been a total of 84 net shifts in the South and West regions, according to the agency.

The 2020 census will shift seven seats between the 13 states. This is the lowest number of seats to shift between states in the last decade since the current allocation calculation method was adopted.

California has the most seats with 52 seats, with Texas (38 seats), Florida (28 seats) and New York (26 seats) closing the top four seats. The four states are the most populous, with more than 20 million people living in each state, accounting for about one-third of the total seats in the House of Representatives.

San Jose, California. Mercury News writing The shift is “It could lead to a reorganization of the state’s political map and disrupt parliamentary competition among incumbents in 2022. California also forms presidential politics, as California loses one of its votes in the Electoral College and other states like Texas are expected to get the same number of votes. Three new seats. “

Many have been kicked out of California by state astronomical home prices and living costs.

The census results come after the first delay due to the coronavirus and natural disasters. The bureau was originally aimed at delivering numbers earlier this year, but due to a pandemic and other disasters, the count deadline has been postponed.

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