California moves to dismantle the country’s largest condemned cell

Sacramento, California (AP) — Governor Gavin Newsom, who made the death penalty a moratorium three years ago, is now the largest death row in the United States by moving all condemned prisoners to other prisons within two years. I’m trying to dismantle the prison cell.

The goal is to transform the section of San Quentin State Prison into a “positive and healing environment”.

“We are in the process of closing the death row prison cell to reuse the current housing unit and turn it into an innovative one fixed to rehabilitation,” said Vicky Waters, a spokeswoman for the Corrections Bureau. Told the Associated Press.

The state of California, which was the last execution in 2006, is one of the 28 states that maintain death row prisons with the US government. Death Penalty Information Center. While other states like Illinois have abolished executions, California is consolidating accused prisoners into the general prison population without expecting to face the death penalty at any time in the near future.

Oregon also moved its much smaller condemned population to the residences of other prisoners two years ago.

Democratic Newsome imposed a moratorium on executions in 2019 and closed the state’s execution room in San Quentin, northern San Francisco. Currently, his administration is worried about the 2016 voter approval initiative aimed at speeding executions by taking advantage of one provision that allows prisoners to be removed from death row prisons. No.

Orthodontic authorities started voluntarily 2-year pilot program As of Friday, January 2020, 116 of the state’s 673 accused male prisoners were one of the other seven prisons with maximum security equipment and a deadly electric fence. It was moved to one.

They will mandate the transfer and submit a permanent draft rule that “allows the diversion of all death row prisons” within a few weeks, Waters said.

The Voting bill Even if approved six years ago, convicted prisoners would still be required to participate in prison work, 70% of which would be used to reimburse the victim, which correctional authorities said was the goal of the transfer. Said that. By the end of last year, more than $ 49,000 in compensation had been raised under the pilot program.

Newsome’s Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year Beginning July 1st Seeking $ 1.5 million To find new uses for vacant and accused housing.

Convict on death row and its support activities are noted to be in the same area as the facility used for the rehabilitation program for San Quentin inmates with moderate security. This money will be used to hire consultants to “develop space options focused on creating a positive and healing environment to increase opportunities for rehabilitation, education and health care.”

San Quentin’s unused $ 853,000 execution room is located in another area of ​​the prison, and there are no plans to “reuse” that area, Waters said.

Voters in California upheld the death penalty in 2012 and 2016, but legislative opponents say they hope to put the issue in front of voters again in the coming years. In November, Newsom and the Criminal Code Amendment Committee, an advisory committee to lawmakers, became the latest committee to recommend the abolition of the death penalty, recommending the abolition of the death penalty. “Unrepairable.”

The state transfer program can contain accused prisoners who have been transferred to other prisons. Loneliness or disciplinary action If personnel determine that they cannot be safely housed with other prisoners, they should be scattered with other prisoners. Convict on death row is held in a cell, but the transferred prisoner can be held with other inmates if it is determined to be safe.

“There are no safety concerns and no serious disciplinary action,” Waters said.

With regard to work and other rehabilitation activities, inmates accused outside of the death penalty are treated the same as inmates sentenced to death without parole. According to prison officials, this includes a variety of tasks such as maintenance and administrative work.

Convicted prisoners were counted more frequently and were constantly monitored during activities, officials said.

Under current rules, unless you are in a restricted residence for disciplinary action, you are suspected of being pending, or you have been convicted of certain disciplinary action in the last five years, you will be sentenced to imprisonment. Can be transferred.

However, according to the ministry, they are “carefully screened to determine if they can safely participate in the program.” This includes each inmate’s security level, medical, psychiatric and other needs, their behavior, safety concerns, infamy and more.

The female accused prisoner is being held at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla. They could be moved to less restrictive housing in the same prison, eight out of twenty-one.

Men can be transferred to a California correctional facility. California Medical Facilities; California Prison, Corcoran; Centinella Prison; Kern Valley Prison; Richard J. Donovan Correction Facility; or Salinas Valley Prison.