California office attacks that killed four people were not random

Orange, CA (AP) — A shooter who rampaged in an office building in Southern California and killed four people, including a nine-year-old boy, knew all the victims, and his motive was personal or business. Police said it could be related to the relationship. ..

“This wasn’t a random act of violence,” Lieutenant Jennifer Amat said Thursday about an attack on a building containing a small business in Orange, southeastern Los Angeles.

Amminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez, 44, was identified as suspected of shooting. He was in a critical but stable state. According to Mr. Amat, it was not clear whether he was injured by the police or shot himself.

According to Amat, Gonzales from nearby Fullerton stayed at an adjacent Anaheim motel and rented a car to arrive at a two-story office building on Lincoln Avenue.

According to police, he chained the front and rear gates to the complex with a bicycle cable lock, put on a bandana on his face, wielded a semi-automatic pistol, and watched a security video carrying a backpack with pepper spray, handcuffs, and ammunition. I got you.

According to officials, he targeted a mobile home brokerage business, Unified Home.

According to Amat, police were sent to the scene within two minutes of the report of the shooting, and a gun battle was fought with the shooter through the gate before the lock was unlocked.

The dead included a 9-year-old boy who was found held in the arm of an injured woman. The boy was critical but stable.

“It seems that a little boy died in his mother’s arms while his mother was trying to save him during this horrific slaughter,” said Todd Spitzer, District Attorney for Orange County.

A man died in the office, a woman was found in another office, and a second woman was found on an outdoor landing upstairs.

“The preliminary motivation is believed to be related to the business and personal relationships that existed between the suspect and all the victims,” ​​Amat said. But she said the exact relationship was still determined.

A member of the family identified one victim as Luistober, 50, who owned a unified home.

“Our world has collapsed,” 28-year-old Vania Tovar, one of Tovar’s five children, told Orange County Register.

The violence in the city of Orange was the third largest mass shooting in the country in just over two weeks. Last week, a gunman fired at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, killing 10 people. A week earlier, six of the eight killed at three spas in the Atlanta area were Asian women.

Scott Clark, owner of Calco Financial, two doors below Unified Home, described Luistober as diligent.

“He’s there day and night,” Clark said.

Clark left the office earlier than usual around 4:45 pm on Wednesday.

“I must have had an angel from God watching me to leave me an hour ago,” he said.

Clark said he has been working outside the building for about 21 years and Unified Homes has been there for 7-8 years. He said they expanded to the second suite about a year ago and both offices were on the second level.

Clark saw about 10 people working in the unified home, but said he wasn’t familiar with them. He chatted with Tober and said he sometimes invited him to take a break in his office.

Gonzales was charged with atrocities and other charges against children in Orange County in 2015. It is not clear if the deceased child belonged to him. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and was sentenced to jail one day. Lauren Gold, a spokeswoman for the city of Anaheim, said all other counts had been dismissed and the conviction was cleared in 2017.