California withdraws social distance requirement in June

Sacramento, California (AP) —California no longer needs social distance and will recognize the full capacity of businesses when the state reopens on June 15, state Supreme Health officials said Friday.

State Health Director Dr. Mark Garry said the dramatic reduction in virus cases and increased vaccinations means that it is safe for the state to lift almost all restrictions next month. ..

“Very important things will happen in California on June 15th,” said Ghaly. “Given the indicators we’re monitoring, California is at a point where we can start talking about moving beyond the blueprint,” said the state’s color-coded four-tier system. Limited activity based on county virus prevalence.

He said there would be no limit on the number of people who could enter the company at one time, which was a “feature” of the safety plan. “Because of the physical distance, there are no restrictions on business sector participants, customers, or guests.”

That doesn’t mean that the wearing of the mask will end abruptly, but it will mean that the state will adjust the guidelines to comply with the national guidelines, he said.

Authorities have already announced this week that they will follow the new Mask Guidelines of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention until mid-June. It states that it is safe for fully vaccinated people to skip face coverings and social distances in virtually all situations. Federal guidelines stipulate that everyone must wear a mask in crowded indoor areas such as planes, buses, hospitals, and prisons.

California’s workforce regulators have individually developed safety rules that continue to apply to employers, Garry said.

“We’ve survived the storm, and we hope this will eventually show our return to normal,” said Kathryn Barger, Los Angeles County supervisor.

The lead time of more than three weeks before the changes are implemented “provides ample time for our businesses, organizations and residents to prepare for these changes,” Berger said.

The state continues to recommend that more than 10,000 organizers of outdoor events require participants to confirm that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus or tested negative. Those who cannot or do not provide verification should be encouraged to wear a mask, Ghaly said.

The state requires vaccine validation or negative test results for indoor events with more than 5,000 participants, but Ghaly gets more information from health authorities about how the process works and “self-certifies. Said that it can be done.

He said state officials did not expect to create or require a “passport” or other formal verification of vaccination. They advise companies and others in need of verification to do so “in a non-discriminatory way.”

He also said California plans to follow federal CDC guidelines for domestic and international travel.

This means that unless you have a specific country that you are not encouraged to visit, you will not discourage your trip and will not voluntarily quarantine when people return to California.

California was the first state to issue a shutdown throughout the state due to the outbreak of the virus in March 2020, and was the epicenter of the disease in early 2021. Nearly 63,000 people have died from the virus in California. This is the most common state in the United States.

Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom and state health officials said they expect weeks to lift most business and social restrictions in general by June 15.

He said 40 million states have been vaccinated nearly 35.5 million times and more than three-quarters of residents aged 65 and over have been vaccinated at least once.

“Vaccines are widely available and we are proud of where we are,” Ghaly said.

One day, less than 1,000 newly reported cases of infection and more than 1,300 people in hospitals are now infected with the virus.

“We haven’t enjoyed that level since the very early months and weeks of the pandemic,” said Ghaly.

He said the state’s plans carry some risks.

“People who decide not to get vaccinated may remain vulnerable to infections and some of the consequences of concern, and we will keep an eye on them very carefully. I’m going, but I think we’re in a place where quite a few people are vaccinated and protected throughout the state. “