Californian barbecue chef moves here to open a Boise restaurant in search of “marginal rent”

The newly transplanted BBQ Pitmaster is on the verge of opening a new Boise restaurant.

The neighborhood Tim’s BBQ is preparing to start in a small space on 7802 W. Goddard Road, opposite Capital High School. Hungry Idahoans, Business Facebook page For the latest information on the start date, in a post on June 3rd, “Very soon”, he declared that he would be looking for additional employees and promised to “announce soon” on June 6th.

Founded in 2014, Neighbor Tims offers catering in Santa Barbara, California. This dish has received local praise from Santa Barbara Independent and Santa Barbara News-Press.

Owner and pit master Timothy Goebel I told Noozhawk, an online publication in Santa Barbara, Last year, he and his family moved to Idaho to start anew. “We need affordable space to live in a larger home and plenty of rent,” Goebel says.

“The goal is to replicate the business and serve the residents of Boise, Idaho,” he added.

Neighbor Tim’s takes over the former Pesto’s Pizza. Although it is a drive-through building, outdoor seating is also limited.

According to the website, using apple and oak, slowly smoked meat such as Texas brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and tri-tips, serving side dishes and desserts. Add a zip to the meat on the menu. There is also a Neighbor Tim barbecue sauce for.

Neighbor Tim’s barbecue catering business moved to Treasure Valley in November 2020.


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