Californian teens plea denial of attempted murder and hate allegations of crime after stabbing a black girl on her back, allegedly having a father

Members of the San Diego, California community are outraged after a 16-year-old white man pleaded not guilty to acquittal, leaving a black girl with multiple puncture wounds on his back. Authorities consider this act a hate crime because a boy and other teenagers threw racist slurs at African-American teens shortly before the assault.

Furious community members (NBC7 Screengrab) during a town hall meeting

Furious community members (NBC7 Screengrab) during a town hall meeting

On Thursday, April 21, the underage suspect, whose name was hidden, told the court before Saturday, April 16 that he did not stab a young woman, also 16 years old. Her family group at Woodglen Apartments in 12000 blocks of Mapleview Street, Lakeside, California. Not far from State Highway 67.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Office said the incident occurred around 11:00 pm and resulted from a previous quarrel between different but related parties.

Lieutenant Shawn Ray said white teens gathered with others to approach black teens and their relatives, which led to the fight. During the brawl, the girl was stabbed twice and the young man ran away with his companions. She was taken to the hospital to treat her injury.

On Monday, April 18, the boy crouched. His girlfriend was also arrested. However, she was released despite allegedly waving her weapons before the battle began.

A teenage defendant lawyer demanded that his family be released on home and GPS surveillance, but Judge Richard Monroy of the High Court rejected the request.

Special hate crime counts, due to the violent use of racial adjectives, Packaging Attempted murder and alleged attempted murder are accompanied by allegations of personal use of deadly weapons and personal distress of major physical injuries. If he is found guilty, he can be sentenced to up to 17 years in prison.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune Hearing The boy’s parents, grandmother, and other family members helped him at the San Diego Juvenile Court on Thursday. The girl, whose injuries were not revealed, was also present with her mother, her aunt, and grandparents.

“It’s the first hate crime investigated at Lakeside in 2022,” said Ray, who heads the station’s Lakeside substation.

District attorney Summer Stephan, elected to prosecute crimes throughout San Diego County, is investigating what other charges are available to “other individuals” involved in the attack.

At a town hall meeting held at the Lakeside Community Center on Tuesday, April 19, more than 100 activists and community members challenge the sheriff’s office to be vigilant to bring justice to high school student NBC San Diego. I filed a complaint. report..

When Ray opened the floor for a question, “This was almost a murder!” Was declared by the audience.

Judy Jensben, who lives in Lakeside, said: They learn this hatred somewhere. “

The detective said the boy’s father was shouting a derogatory slur in the crowd and was investigating to see if he was responsible for the crime.

“You have a dangerous setting [expletive] If you don’t arrest your father, it’s a precedent. “

Another person co-signed and said, “He should be in jail while you are investigating.”

Lisa Waynelev, who attended a community talk on behalf of the district attorney’s deputy juvenile branch chief, said the arrest of her father was “a horrifying, horrifying act, but parents cannot be put on hold to prosecute.”

“We are stipulated by law and the law does not allow anyone. If they stand bystanders and do nothing more, it is not a crime.”

“The multiple aspects of this case are horrifying, and as our investigation progresses, the evidence will hold everyone responsible for showing that they have committed a crime,” DA added. I added.

Activists believe that the handling of the case is dominated by the county’s history of racism.

“It’s a joke that East County is a racist,” said Danielle Wilkerson of the East County BIPOC Coalition.

“I’ve heard of Kranty, White Hills, everything that people put a layer of humor on, but that racism is real and alive, and we’ve killed this week.” Wilkerson said.

Stefan justified Wilkerson’s claim, saying that her office “sees a disturbing increase in hate crimes, with the most being raped against blacks.” She presented even more amazing facts. Her office filed 21 hate crime cases in 2020 and 30 in 2022.

2 hours conversation Reached the climax KPBS has promised to address the larger issue of race-inspired violence in the coming months.

Some audiences, like San Diego activist Tasha Willamson, thought the promise was empty.

“It feels like fluff,” she said after the meeting. “This is a new lieutenant who has stepped in but may have clues or clues, but the severity is unknown.”

A spokesperson for housing development who suffered a puncture wound described the violence that occurred: Our top priority is community safety and welfare, and we actively support ongoing investigations. “

The teenager has been ordered to leave the victim, mother and sister and will return to court on June 6.