California’s biggest fire torches more homes


Reuters video

Wildfire scores in the western United States are furious

A video obtained by Reuters showed a Tamarack fire that struck a forest in Nevada on Saturday after a spill from California. Local governments say about 4 percent of it was contained. The National Meteorological Service has issued fire alerts as fires raged in three states in parts of Oregon, Montana, and Idaho. Washington DC after the wind carried smoke east. The amount of smoke generated actually helped more than 2,000 ground personnel fight so-called pirate fires in Portland, Oregon, according to weekend officials. Burning in 13 states 80 It is by far the largest of the above wildfires. Officials said the “smoke shade” from California’s fires blocked the sun, creating a cooler, more stable surface condition in Oregon. Bootleg Fire has burned over 400,000 acres of brushes and timber so far. This is more than half the size of Rhode Island. It is now the third largest wildfire in the state since 1900. Although the spread of fire has slowed recently, authorities have reported that ground crew members are fighting the outbreak of COVID-19 and that at least nine firefighters have been quarantined so far.