Called for sale of sporting goods in case of opposition to Congressman Gates’ allies

Sanford, Florida (AP) — Thousands of dollars in sports souvenirs owned by fellow US Congressman Matt Gaetz could be sold to recoup misused taxpayers’ money.

Seminole County lawyer Bryant Applegate spent last week on the County Commission on valuables such as memorabilia signed by former NBA stars Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan by former tax collector Joel Greenberg. He said.

“I want to return not only the money used to pay for the souvenir, but also the souvenir so that it can be sold back in the market,” Bryant told the commissioner.Include Orlando Sentinel..

In May, Greenberg pleaded guilty to sexual trafficking in minors and five other federal crimes in about three dozen he faced. His judicial deal with the prosecutor demands that he cooperate with an ongoing sex trafficking investigation involving a minor girl who may involve Gates and other associates.

Gates, a Republican who represents most of the Florida Panhandle, has denied any misconduct and has not been charged with crime. Mr Greenberg told prosecutors that he was involved in a “sugar daddy” arrangement in which women were paid for their gender, which was disguised as living or school expenses.

Apart from sporting goods, investigators are investigating other suspicious spending of public funds that Greenberg made during his tenure.

For example, an audit found that about 12 consultants were hired by Greenberg to play an ambiguous role with little or no work. However, it is not clear if the county will be able to recover the money paid to them.

Greenberg, 36, faces up to 12 years in prison for federal crime. He will be sentenced on November 18th.

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