Calling on the medical community to grow to break the silence about forced organ removal in China

Not only those who cut organs from innocent creatures with scalpels are involved in the crime of illegal organ removal. Silence is also an accomplice.

It was held on March 23, beside a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council, where a panel of British parliamentarians, doctors, lawyers and activists discussed a decade-long lack of action on Communists. It was one of the discussions raised at the Virtual Roundtable. Looting of Chinese state institutions that resulted in the deaths of countless believers.

Evidence of forced organ removal under the supervision of the Chinese government first appeared in 2006. That year, witnesses approached the Epoch Times, proving the existence of a horrifying practice that essentially transformed the vast pool of prisoners of conscience in China. The persecuted Falun Gong is in a living organ bank.

Falun Gong is a spiritual practice consisting of meditative movements and moral teachings based on the beliefs of honesty, compassion, and tolerance. The Communist government launched a thorough persecution campaign against its followers in 1999 and has since detained millions of practitioners in prisons, labor camps and other facilities.


Sixteen years have passed since the first report of organ removal, and although awareness is limited, progress has been delayed to prevent illegal activity. With resolutions from the US and EU Parliaments condemning this issue, some countries have shut out organ tourism. However, there is currently no law to hold the perpetrators accountable, panel participants pointed out.

Part of this omission is a lack of understanding of the magnitude of the problem, including those in the transplant community. Dr. Weldon Gilkries, a gastrointestinal cancer expert at the University of Utah, estimates that only about 5 to 10 percent of the medical community has heard of forced organ removal. He told the panel that many, even among those who knew, seemed reluctant about the problem and wanted the problem to go away naturally.

“We believed in them and wanted some kind of cooperation and cooperation,” when the Chinese government announced in 2015 that it would stop using the organs of convict on death row and establish a voluntary organ donation system. Gilkries makes a broad statement. Think in the medical world.

When China joined the World Health Organization, he said it was the same stance the world took.

“Our hope was to convince or influence the Chinese Communist Party and China with our morals and values, and our medical ethics, but the opposite happened,” he said. According to Gilkley’s number, the top nine medical scientists in the United States have left their institutions due to a private relationship with the Chinese Communist Party.

Falun Gong organ removal
Falun Dafa Parade in Manhattan, New York City, May 16, 2019. (Samira Bouaou / The Epoch Times)

In 2020, an independent People’s Court found no evidence that organ killing had ceased.

The court said that the government’s failure to investigate “allowed many to die horribly and unnecessarily.”

The Chinese Communist Party said, “We make the changes you want, we make the changes you want, we change the law, we change the law,” and so on. We’ve played together, “said David Matas, a Canadian investigative lawyer who has been tracking the issue since 2006, referring to the international health community.

“But there is no investigation,” he said. “There is no transparency or research. It’s a kind of bamboo work, and of course these people don’t want to admit they were fooled.”

Gilcrease and others on the panel have found that Western medical professionals do little good work to crack down on themselves. They referred to reports that between 2000 and 2017, more than 99% of 445 research papers published in British medical journals using Chinese organ transplant data did not show donor consent. .. This covered 85,000 transplants.

CCP co-option

According to panelists, the Chinese government has also used its political and economic influence to force many countries to remain silent on this issue.

At a UN Human Rights Council event 10 years ago, Spanish human rights lawyer Carlos Iglesias will give a three-minute speech blaming former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin, who ordered the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999. did.

“Before the agenda was discussed, representatives of the Chinese Communist Party chaired countries and countries so that they would say” take no action “on the spot,” Iglesias suspends Beijing’s scrutiny. Mentioned the effort and said. It depends on the body over the abuse of that right.

In 2007, a year after the first allegations of organ propulsion were filed, 12 French surgeons involved signed a petition to be handed over to the country’s top leaders. That was a year ago when Beijing was scheduled to host the Summer Olympics.

However, Francis Navarro, a surgeon and professor at the University of Montpellier Hospitalie, one of the doctors involved, was instead told to “calm down at first and be as careful as possible at the end.” About the problem. “It’s not the time to address this issue because of our relationship with China,” said a request from the French government, doctors said.

In France, medical ethics groups, including Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH), have attempted at least three attempts to pass legislative measures to combat organ transplant tourism. However, the government declined it every time, arguing that there were not enough French people going abroad for organs, Dr. Harold King, director of the French branch of DAFOH, told The Epoch Times.

Harold King
Harold King, a French doctor and member of DAFOH, spoke at a conference in Berlin on July 18th. (JasonWang / The Epoch Times)

It was instead China to receive these organs, even though DAFOH discovered in 2014 that 300 French people disappeared from the national organ transplant waiting list without explanation each year. He said it indicates that he may have gone to.

More than 20 years have passed since the Chinese government launched an eradication campaign targeting Falun Gong, and researchers say its strength is growing in parallel with China’s organ transplant industry.

Spain-based lawyer Iglesias said that between 2014 and 2017, the University of Barcelona was training Chinese doctors on organ transplants, even though they had already been warned about organ theft. I remembered.

“This is a commercial contract that is logically paid and probably paid with CCP funds,” Iglesias, a European director of the Human Rights Law Foundation, told The Epoch Times.

“There are these connections, these connections between high-ranking medical personnel and the Chinese Communist Party,” he said earlier at the roundtable.

“They have to get away from this evil,” he added. “Even if they don’t know, it’s actually happening. This accomplice.”

“So it’s time to wake up.”



Eva Fu is a New York-based writer of The Epoch Times, focusing on Sino-US relations, religious freedom, and human rights. Contact Eva at [email protected]