Calls to flee Ukraine “caused a lot of panic,” says a British student

According to students who landed in the UK on one of the first commercial flights from Kiev since the warning, the call for British to flee Ukraine as a threat to Russia’s aggression is a “significant panic” and a rush to return home. Caused.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the estimated thousands of British citizens, “Commercial means of departure now are still available.”

Returnees suggested that there were various signals about the level of domestic concern about the threat of war.

Heider Ali spoke to PA News Agency after landing at Gatwick Airport from Kiev on Saturday.

He states: “For advice from the British Embassy on Amber Alert, Red Alert, I had two hearts about coming back.

“Many people, many students were waiting for the red warning, and that happened yesterday.

“When that happened, everyone booked their tickets and left as soon as possible.”

A 21-year-old student from Birmingham said his university, the Dnipro Medical Institute in the city of Dnipro in central Ukraine, advised students to “get out as soon as possible.”

He said about half of the college students were British.

Britain and other NATO nations have urged civilians to leave, with growing fears that Russian President Vladimir Putin could order an invasion within a few days.

Ali said: “The main thing people are worried about is along the Dnieper River, so if Putin wants to suffocate Kiev, I think many have said that his warships will also push along that path. “

The student said he paid £ 210 ($ 285) for a one-way ticket and thought the price would be much higher over the next three days as more people rush abroad.

He said he hopes to return to Ukraine by June to continue his studies.

Ukrainians are divided on the possibility of Russia’s aggression, but the perception that the Western media is disproportionately blowing the crisis away has changed, Ali said.

He states: “Ukrainians are generally very laissez-faire in terms of people, but in the last few days they have begun to worry.

“And when that happens, the alarm bell should be ringing.”

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Paul Meekin, his wife Svetlana, and their daughter will arrive at London’s Gatwick Airport from Kiev, Ukraine on February 12, 2022. (Sophie Wingate / PA)

Another British citizen who arrived at Gatwick on the same plane said the Ukrainians did not seem to be worried.

Paul Meekin, 51, from Dawset’s pool, Ukrainian and British wife Svetlana, 36, and a daughter who spent a week in Ukraine to attend a funeral, most of the passengers on the plane were in the United Kingdom. He said he was Ukrainian, not human.

When asked about the attitudes of the people there, the IT company manager said: They don’t care, that’s what they came across. “

The feeling was repeated by Ukrainian Pasha Honchark, 24, from Kiev. He said he was “not too worried” and he said he would have been at home without a job in the UK.

He states: “All news channels say there is war, but I don’t think so.”

But a Ukrainian business analyst who doesn’t want to be named told PA that “of course everyone is worried” about the threat of war.

But she said this did not affect her existing decision to move from Kiev to London for work.

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