Cambodia begins the fourth round of COVID-19 vaccination

Phnom Penh, Cambodia — Cambodia launched a fourth round of vaccination against COVID-19 in response to the Omicron variant on Friday, with high-risk groups receiving additional boosters first.

Lined up in hospitals and clinics were frontline medical staff and military members. Government ministers, including Prime Minister Hun Sen, also received additional immunity on Friday.

According to the government, nearly 90% of Cambodia’s 16 million people receive at least one dose, more than 85% receive a second shot, and more than 27% receive a third dose.

However, China’s Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines have been found to be less effective than other vaccines against the Omicron variant, especially over time, so in the fourth round of high-priority vaccination, Cambodia Uses a more limited supply of Pfizer vaccine.

Neighboring Thailand, which relied heavily on Chinese vaccines early in last year’s vaccination program, like Cambodia, announced last week that its third vaccination would give medical personnel at least three months ago a fourth vaccination. Did.

The first case of the Omicron variant in Cambodia was confirmed in mid-December in a 23-year-old female returning from Ghana.

Cambodia has reopened its borders to fully vaccinated travelers on November 15, two weeks earlier than originally planned, in a move aimed at revitalizing the country’s economic and social activities.

Restrictions on domestic tourism, schools and other sectors were also lifted earlier this month.

Associated Press