Cambodia border casino fire kills 7, injures 53: Thai officials

overnight fire at casino complex CambodiaAt least seven people were killed, 53 injured and eight missing in the border town, authorities in neighboring Thailand said Thursday.

Around midnight Wednesday, a fire broke out at the Grand Diamond City, a casino and hotel in the town of Poipet. Cambodiapolice. They did not mention casualties.

It was not immediately clear what had caused the blaze.

Poipet casinos are very popular with short term visitors from Thailand where gambling is illegal and unlicensed casinos operate underground.

At least 32 people are being treated at a cross-border hospital in Sa Kaew province, the Thai Ministry of Health said. One Thai national died in hospital, provincial officials said.

CambodiaPolice said the fire was under control and that hundreds of military, police and rescue personnel had been deployed.

A video shared by the Ruam Katanya Foundation, a volunteer Thai rescue team that assisted in the operation, shows crew members in the building’s emergency stairwell wearing fire masks and fire hoods before entering a smoke-filled hallway. is shown.

A daytime crowd with firefighters at a rooftop bar shielding their mouths from smoke spewing out of doors and lower-floor windows.

chai kim coon CambodiaA National Police spokesperson declined to comment on casualties and said authorities were still working to extinguish the fire.

State and hospital employees Cambodia could not be reached immediately.

CambodiaFresh News showed images of the smoke-blackened facade of the casino on Thursday morning.

Video footage showed blazes raging through the night, engulfing multiple parts of the building and billowing thick smoke.

Casino is an important part of it Cambodiais an important tourism industry, attracting visitors from Asian countries where gambling is prohibited. Cambodia There are casino facilities along the border between Phnom Penh and Vietnam and Thailand.