Cambridge urged to look like a Scottish “resident” to promote the union

Prince William --JANE BARLOW / AFP

Prince William –JANE BARLOW / AFP

Royal Advisor Duchess of Cambridge To make them appear to be Scottish “residents” under plans to boost the coalition.

Kate and William reportedly further developed the success of their recent Scottish tour of their old home in St Andrews, as the royal family feared that British politicians had “lost” the country. It is said that he is enthusiastic about letting him do it.

The couple will follow up on more visits north of the border in the near future.

The Duke also held a private meeting with Nicola Sturgeon during last month’s tour with Gordon Brown, who recently launched a new pro-UK campaign.

“The adviser wants William and Kate to be more Balmoral and to build a connection with St Andrews,” a royal source told The Sunday Times. “They are like visitors. I want to look like a resident, not look like. “

The newspaper said William “has a deliberately more muscular approach to investing in relations with Scotland,” according to sources close to the royal family.

In a speech made during a recent tour that forms part of a video montage of visits uploaded to social media channels, the Duke concludes: You soon “

Polls suggest that the Duchess and Duchess, known as Count Strathearn and Countess in Scotland, are very popular. Other British government ministers.

SNP politicians rarely criticize the royal family publicly, and the party’s official position is to maintain a monarchy in independent Scotland.

But Alex Salmond warned the Duke last month: Do not participate in discussions about independence In a meeting with former Prime Minister Mr Brown, he claimed that he was “insufficient in his judgment.”

Aruba leaders say it is “very ridiculous” for the monarchy to be dragged into the constitutional debate, and the royal family uses them for political purposes “the despair of reckless unionists. It is necessary to pay attention to.

Sturgeon announced another separatist plan by the end of 2023, after the immediate Covid crisis had passed while Scotland was still recovering from the pandemic.

A few days before the 2014 referendum, the Queen said she wanted the Scottish people to “think very carefully about the future,” a comment widely interpreted as a warning to independence.

David Cameron later heard that the monarch claimed to “make a difference” when he told her that the Scottish people opposed the separation.

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