Camila Cabello counterattacks body shaper


Camila Cabello is fighting back against the body shaper.

Now, the “Havana” singer may have quarantined a few pounds. So many people haven’t used our home as a yoga studio in the last few months.

A few weeks ago, I got a stalker daddy Complimentary shot Of Cabello while at home in South Florida on the beach with her boyfriend Shawn Mendes.

Camila Cabello was found attending a driving school in Miami.I have some advice

A former Fifth Harmony member later posted that she overcame all hatred and criticism and loved cellulite. It’s unclear if she was in Los Angeles or Miami.

When I talked to the fans from the car, he said that he was running in the park thinking about his own business, “let’s get in shape and stay healthy,” and he wore tops that showed his stomach.

“Queen with an iconic grandma”: Check out Camila Cabello’s cheeky Abuela in Miami

“I didn’t push it in, because I was always running and present like a normal person who didn’t push it in. And I was like a” damn “, but then I remembered that it was very last season that I was at war with your body, “she said. “Thanks to this body for letting me do what I have to do. We are real women with curves, cellulite, stretch marks and fat. And we have to own it. Must, baby. “

She received so much support from her fans:

“A queen who exists like a normal person.”

“A queen who is not at war with her body.”

“The queen running in the park, caring about her business.”

Over the weekend, Cabello decided to go one step further and pose in a lovely black bikini with colored piping and no filters.

No captions needed. Only kiss emoji.

Again, the e-Peanuts Gallery posted mostly positive comments.

“The queen looks hot in a two-piece bikini.”


“Natural Beauty Cutie!”