Camila Cabello showed off her ‘UFO’ encounter on ‘The Tonight Show’ and we were shocked


singer Camila Cabello showed a video ofThe Tonight ShowWednesday believes she’s a UFO – and this wasn’t a fairy tale, claimed the “Cinderella” star. (See video below.)

The ‘The Voice’ coach shared a clip of them filming their parents while on tour in the mountains of South America.

Something that “doesn’t look like a bird” flew through the air. Objects are more visible in slow motion. Below is a screen grab containing two objects.

Cabello is usually skeptical, but his parents, Alejandro and Sinuhe, say they enjoy watching UFO documentaries. It was her father who noticed the flying object in the replay, she told the host. Jimmy Fallon.

“If aliens believed I was there at that moment, I don’t want them to think I’m exploiting them now,” Cabello said. .

Fallon told potential extraterrestrial viewers that “The Tonight Show” loves “aliens from other planets.”

“We welcome everyone and everything,” Cabello joked.

Fallon later reassured her that aliens wouldn’t watch the show.

Still, Cabello seemed serious about the potential sighting.

Others agree that unidentified objects should be treated more seriously.parliament that First Public Hearing on UFOs In 50 years, experts have agreed that we need to do better job tracking.”Unidentified aerial phenomenon.

“For too long, the stigma associated with the UAP has hindered good intelligence analysis,” said Rep. Andre Carson, Democrat, Indiana. “Pilots avoided reporting or were laughed at when they reported.”

This article originally appeared on huff post and updated.